Silver Package: Client provides BBM with most social media content on a regular basis,  $20.00 per hour

Gold Package: Client provides BBM with occasional social media content when available,  $25.00 per hour

3 accounts maximum, every additional channel is $25 extra a month


Any of the above packages include the following

(can be altered for client's needs)

  • Social media platform(s) creation (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

  • Creation and implementation of social media strategy plan, weekly posts for the month

  • Paid advertising creation and execution on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram

  • Social Media engagement (following, commenting, liking and sharing content/pages)

  • Execution of social media posts and tracking results

  • Monthly meetings to establish goals and review progress





  • Press Release Writing

    • Identify newsworthy information about your company

    • Draft release and proof

    • Finalize and Distribute to local media as well as niche media

    • Follow up with media and secure placement

  • Newsletter Writing / Email Blasts

    • Designing of newsletter / email blast

    • Gathering content, photos and email lists

    • Deciding on frequency of newsletter / email blast and where it will be distributed

  • Blog Writing

    • Create blog site with proper design

    • Gather content and photos

    • Decide on frequency of posts

    • Interaction with other bloggers in the industry and other influencers

    • Maintenance of blog

    • Promotion of blog

  • Media Training / Interview Training

    • Train interviewee ins and outs of media interview or job interview

    • Focus on poise, grammar and mannerisms

    • Practice answering tough questions in a concise manner

    • Help interviewee determine what should and should not be discussed in the interview

    • Coach interviewee on confidence, tone of voice and eye contact

  • Professional Wardrobe Stylist

    • Meet with client to discuss the look they are going for / what they want to come across in their personal style

    • Decipher colors, textures and patterns that work best for client's field of work and what is most complimentary to them

    • Create a budget and how often they will need assistance with their wardrobe styling

    • Initial client closet evaluation of current pieces and what needs to be switched out or kept to maintain the style consistency

    • Organize shopping trips to build and add important staple pieces to the client's wardrobe

    • Create fashion vision board for client to refer to and provide all access to my personal line for questions, concerns or tips

**For Add-On Pricing, Inquire Within**