Top 7 Crystals and Zen Practices for Your Workspace

Anddddd….I’m back!

Back with some amazing, mystical information to make your workspace into the zen den that you’ve always dreamt of. I know, work + zen? That doesn’t sound like a thing but I have been using some of these practices in my little cubicle at work and it has helped immensely with good vibes!


What would you say are the top things you want to focus on when it comes to enlightening your workspace? Would it be focus? Determination? Goal setting? Stress and anxiety free? Productivity? Whatever the case may be, you can create a space that will help you get sh*t done but also, blocks the negativity.

I had some inspiration from a recent podcast recommendation from a friend called ‘That’s So Retrograde’ and this wellness focused series really got me into/excited about crystal healing, mindfulness and overall health. I have always been into going to the gym and doing juice detoxes and writing down my goals but this podcast really encouraged me to take it to the next level.


Okay - maybe not ‘Pratt Daddy’ level but you’re picking up what I’m putting down right?

First, I am going to give you the top 4 crystals to decorate your space with (images are below, in order) and then I will dive into 3 important practices to implement during your typical work week.

Top 4 Crystals for your desk/cubicle/etc:

  1. Citrine - this stone represents abundance. It can help harness your creativity and imagination which is great for professionals who need to do a lot of out-of-the-box thinking like marketers, fashion designers or any creative. Also, it’s my favorite color… duh!

  2. Amethyst - this stone has many uses but is also suggested to put beside your bed for relaxation and peaceful vibes. Now, I know you don’t want to be falling asleep at your desk (or do you…) but Amethyst is great for those who work in a fast-paced, stressful environment like a lawyer, a financial advisor or even a teacher.

  3. Moonstone - this stone is perfect for goal-setting. It helps you keep an open mind and allows you to accept inspiration and possibility. Moonstone would be great for those who work in a sales goal setting where you are rewarded for making the most revenue.

  4. Tiger’s Eye - this stone fuels your determination. It helps strengthen your willpower and intention. This stone is great for those in a competitive work setting including athletes but also can work for anyone who is determined to obtain a status or goal.

You have the right crystals to sprinkle around your working area - but we’re not done yet. In order for these crystals to really work to their full power, you need to put the right practices in place.

Top 3 practices to do at your desk:

1) Meditate for 5 minutes - I like to use apps like headspace, put my headphones in and have them guide me through a short meditation. I know it can be hard to block out noise and distractions so if you need to make it 3 minutes instead, that works too! If your desk is not the ideal spot to do this, make a trip to the restroom or go sit in your car. This will help center you and get you ready to tackle your day.

2) Set your intentions for the day - I have always stressed the importance of writing things down. To begin your Monday morning, have a brain dump (list of everything you need to do or are thinking about currently) and then sort it into intentions (how you want to feel, what you want to stop doing and how you will complete each action this week).

3) Practice mindfulness - Recently, I visited a nutritionist and I realized that when I am at my desk at the office I tend to eat more, as opposed to when I am working from home. She gave me a great tip that I think can be used, not just for snacking, but for being on your phone, for taking mini breaks, etc. Set a timer for your tasks and when the time is up, get up and moving. If you’re feeling hungry, set a timer for 5 minutes, drink some water/tea and once the time is up see if you are still hungry. This will make sure you are making more mindful decisions throughout the day.


There you have it, the most magical, mystical, mindful tips to get you centered, aware and ready to kick a*s at work!

BONUS TIP: Invest in a Himalayan Salt Lamp, a sound player (beach vibes all day) or even, if you can get away with it - a essential oil diffuser for your desk. You’re welcome. :)

I hope you enjoyed these - let me know if you have any other cool suggestions to add in the comments! See ya later bosses <3

-The Blonde Boss xo

Video Marketing: Tips to create videos without a fancy camera or expensive agency

Video Marketing - you’ve heard the term a few 100 times but what does it actually entail?


According to Wikipedia, “video marketing is a type of content marketing and advertising in which business create 30 seconds to 5-minute videos about specific topics. The videos are then uploaded to various video sharing websites like YouTube for distribution and exposure.“ So, what does that mean for small businesses without the budget to buy fancy video equipment or hire an overpriced agency? It is a lot simpler than you think!

Let’s get down to it. First, I want to give you a few tips to creating quality video right from your cell phone (regardless if you have a iPhone or an Android) and then I am going to give you some strategy tips to make your videos compelling and allow you to become a storyteller with your content. These tricks are going to save you time, money and resources - you can’t go wrong!

  1. Use the Rule of Thirds

  2. Take advantage of natural lighting

  3. Film horizontally, not vertically

  4. Invest in a microphone for quality sound, like this one

  5. Download free video editing apps to slice and dice your videos, like VideoShow

Now that you know how to shoot quality videos - let’s talk strategy. You can’t just create videos whenever you feel like it and expect it to stick. There is a science to it. Every business has their own strategy according to their industry, their audience and their goals. Here are my tips to building out that strategy:

1) Create a campaign around your product/service

  1. Put together a message you want to convey and a goal you want to accomplish

  2. Identify your Call to Action (CTA)

  3. Create video and still photography around this theme

  4. Schedule the content according to relevancy

2) Have both long and short form videos

3) Keep your branding consistent (color scheme, logo, voice, etc.)

4) Don’t over promote your brand - add some light. soft sell content as well

5) Lastly, and most importantly, be AUTHENTIC-LY YOU

There you have it. Now you have no excuse for not creating beautiful, stand-out video content for your business. REMEMBER - this is a work in progress, you will make some crappy videos at first but once you find what works for your business, it’ll be a breeze. You have the tools at your fingertips that will help you tell your brand story in the most interactive way. No fancy camera equipment and no expensive creative agency - just your phone and a vision! Go on, it’s time to create!


- The Blonde Boss xo

Take the LAY-ME Out of Flat-Lays; 6 tips for quality photos

Sorry for my dad joke….. kinda.


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably have heard of a flat-lay or seen it on social media / blog pages. And…if you are completely clueless about what I am talking about, here is an example of a flat-lay:

These photos are composed of like items, space and a common color scheme - creating a visually appealing image for all your social media and website pages. Why are we talking about flat-lays you may ask? I am no photographer or graphic artist but I have always been interested in finding fun ways to create my own content. I also put up a poll on my Instagram and Facebook stories to see which topic people would be more interested in and this was the winner. (I am a people pleaser) Honestly, I have been trying to master this technique for quite some time and I have learned that it takes a lot of practice and inspiration / “watching and learning” from others.

So, now that you know (or have been re-familiarized) what a flat-lay is, I want to dish out some awesome tips to get those photos looking fleeky! But, first things first, you will need these five things:

1) Clean, simple background

2) Good lighting

3) Like items with similar color schemes (use in 3’s)

4) Proper spacing (use rule of thirds and symmetry)

5) A small step ladder to get the right angle

Once you have those 5 things, we can get to the meat and potatoes of this blog, the tips!

1) It’s all about proportion

Use a mixture of big and small items to even out the photo and play with the spacing of those items.

2) Take advantage of natural light

Try to position your items near a window or outside where the sun can light up your photo organically.

3) Use props that work together

You wouldn’t use a bottle of wine as a prop if you were trying to market your fitness clothing line - find items that compliment one another and match your branding.

4) Be a storyteller

It’s one thing to take a photo but it’s another to make sure there can be a story tied to the image - this will help the audience relate to you.

5) Position yourself

I told you, you would need a step stool and this is why! When you do a flat-lay, you need to be taking sort of an aerial shot (from above) so this will help you position yourself to achieve that.

6) Edit to perfection

After you have tried different angles, positioning and props - feel free to edit your photo. Play with contrast, brightness and filters to get that crisp, clear and aesthetically pleasing image.


Now, get out there! Try things, make mistakes, create some masterpieces (or not) and have fun! Like I said, practice makes perfect and when you use these tips, you’ll be on your way to fabulous photos for your pages!


Happy content creation, friends!

-The Blonde Boss xo

Holiday Gift Guide for Those Creative, Spiritual, Weirdos in Your Life!

Yes, I am talking about me. This gift guide is for me.


No, JK. But we all know a few people in our lives who love things that may not be on any NORMAL person’s list.


Before you go digging in your bottomless bag of goodies, Agatha - Check out this list I put together for holiday shopping for those weirdos you know and love!


1) Not your typical planner or journal

Don’t just go to your local Walmart or Staples and pick up a plain ol’ business agenda or notepad. Google bullet journals or creative planners like Passion Planner or Bullet Journal. These aren’t just pen and paper to usual beings like myself, they are a great way to get creative juices flowing and break down daily, monthly, even yearly goals.

2) Books about self love/care, crystals, metaphysics, space, (anything out of the ordinary really)

Who doesn’t love a good book? This person probably won’t pick up a 50 Shades book but they will pick up something on a deeper level, something that opens their mind and soul. Shop in the self help or science section when shopping for this guy/gal. Anything you pick will probably be useful to them and spark interest in one way or another!

3) Crystals, stones, gems

No, we are not talking about a pet rock like you has as a kid. The study of crystals and stones has become very popular, especially with spiritual people like these. We love learning about their meanings and healing properties. Head to Pinterest and research them individually - find the ones, you think your person will benefit most from. Sometimes you can find stone shops in your area where you can talk to someone who knows more about crystals and buy in person. We love having these trinkets around, it gives us a sense of peace!

4) Timeless clothing or accessories from local thrift stores/garage sales

This may seem time consuming or even cheap/not sanitary but you can really find some awesome, one-of-a-kind pieces in these spaces. Look for a unique purse, a wild pair of shoes, or even just a rad hat - us cool kids really appreciate something that has a story behind it or something that has traveled. It makes it more special that way.

5) Anything skincare or health related

Self-care is my middle name (it’s actually Nicole but I would switch it if I could)! On the top of my list you can find face masks, candles, beauty tools and spa treatments. Not only do us, “weird people” enjoy different, unique things - we like to pamper ourselves too. We see self care as a way to take care of not just our outer self but our minds and our souls. It comes full circle.

So, what is the take-away from this - THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! You won’t go broke shopping for these peeps, that’s for sure but make sure you put some thought into it. Do your research, ask other weirdos and remember, keep it simple.

Happy Holiday Shopping!


-The Blonde Boss xo

Why You Need to Stop Saying 'Sorry'


STOP.RIGHT.THERE. Yeah, YOU! How many times do you say sorry in a day? Do you say it when when you cut people off in traffic? Or when you accidentally bump into someone? How about when you ask a question at work and they scold you for asking in the first place? When you state your opinion that others may not favor?

It’s time to figure out what is worth saying ‘sorry’ for and what needs to be exiled for good!

I am this person. I am a people-pleaser, don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or annoy anyone so I use ‘sorry’ as my way to stay on people’s good side… what a joke! If you are like me, this blog is for you!


Stop saying sorry because it makes you a target.

Stop saying sorry because you are NOT weak.

Stop saying sorry because MOST people don’t say sorry (even when it is their fault).

Stop saying sorry because you don’t owe anyone anything.

Stop saying sorry because it’s a waste of energy and time.

Here are my tips to help you replace ‘sorry’ :

  1. Think before you say it, did you really do anything wrong?

  2. Turn ‘sorry’ into ‘thank you’

  3. Show compassion in different ways

  4. Provide a solution instead of apologies

You are strong. You are worth it. And you don’t need to apologize for a damn thing!


-The Blonde Boss xo