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3 Brands That Inspire Creativity for Businesses on Social Media

Social Media Manager is my name, constant scrolling is my game. 



As a borderline social media addict, non-stop scroller, like-aholic,  it isn't difficult finding brands who are doin' the damn thang on social.   I love seeing how they interact with their customers, their innovative ways of communicating through imagery and video and their inspiring tones that make you want to take notes for your own pages!

Now, I understand, most of these brands are larger corporations with a much bigger budget but there are always shortcuts to help immolate their methods on a smaller scale! 

You should always be aware of your competitors and what they are doing (and what is working) on their channels BUT also take some time to check out big players outside of your industry who are making strides from all angles.  

So, these brands I am going to list out have inspired me, creatively, because they align with my values, they don't take themselves too seriously and they aren't ALL about selling.  They find new ways to show their products/services that pop with color and personality! Here are my top three: 

1) Glossier @glossier


What inspires me:  Their images, their retweeting and sharing of follower content and their simplistic but chic videos to showcase their line of products that anyone can relate to. 

How you can copy them:   Use brighter colors, don't focus on selling too much, make content light so your audience can resonate, repost more follower posts! 

2) Wendy's @wendys


What inspires me:  Their punchy tweets, genuine personality, responding to follower comments to keep engagement going.

How you can copy them:   Find your brand personality and stick to it.  Be honest and real with your followers! 

3) ASOS @asos


What inspires me:  Their access to different ASOS accounts for different purposes, the way they show case their products, their responsiveness to their follower comments 

How you can copy them:  Make separate accounts for different departments within your company to make it easier for followers to reach out.  Don't just take a photo of your product and post it, get creative by making it relatable and fun!   Always watch tags and mentions, RESPOND and REPOST when appropriate!   


I hope I prompted you to open your social apps and check out these pages because they are seriously awesome!  What other brands do you consider inspiring?? Leave me some comments!! 

-The Blonde Boss xo 




How to Avoid Bad Visuals on Your Social Media Profiles

Looks are definitely not everything but on social media, the look of your profile is definitely important!

I often see a lot of small businesses with all the social media channels but when you scroll down their pages its all cheesy stock photos from Google or other sources.  I also see a lot of blurry images, poor design and messy text.  This all needs to stop! Now, I'm not the social media po-po by any means but I like to see businesses succeed and in this day and age, it all starts with their online presence.

"But, I don't have the time or resources to post quality photos on a weekly basis!" 

Every business is busy but social media marketing needs to be on the top of your priority list! You don't need to hire a professional photographer or have a film crew follow you around all day, you just need to be creative!  I am going to give you a list of things to try when you are posting on your pages that will draw the eyes of your ideal customer!

1) Utilize User Generated Content - if any of your past customers posted a photo and tagged you or used your hashtag, REPOST IT!  This is a good way to show your appreciation to your customer and engages other potential customers!

2) Repost popular content - Look back at your posts that people reacted to the most!  Change it up a little and post away! 

3) Use easy graphic design software to make cool flyers - I used Canva to create graphics for any events I am involved in, blog posts I write or just fun quotes/fun facts!

4) Pay attention to holidays, trends and events - This is a great way to relate to others while still remaining relevant in your industry!

5) Have fun with personal posts from time to time - Make your pages more humanized and less automated. Post photos of your staff, your dog, lunch at the office, etc.  This is a great way to make your audience feel like a part of the team.


Now that you have some non-boring ways to post on your business' social media pages, you are on your way to endless opportunities!  Close Google Images and start thinking deeper!  What does your audience talk most about? What big companies do they follow?  What are their online behaviors?  Once you know these answers, you will be able to create lively content that will bring more followers, more customers and more $$$$$!

You're welcome.

-The Blonde Boss xo



Backstory of BBM

"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you."

Being a dreamer has allowed me to be creative and keep an open mind when pursuing life projects.  I go through these phases of trying new things but get bored and move onto something else when I realize it isn't the right fit.  I am able to test out all these waters + not be afraid of the outcome because I see it as a journey that all works towards the end goal of finding my happiness. Blonde Boss Media was more to me than one of my new project flings, it was something I had a serious passion for.  Here is how it all started: thinking up the idea, picking a name, getting my first client and continuing to build it out day after day. 

After graduating college with my degree in public relations and working a few jobs in the industry, I really started to hone in on what I enjoyed and what I thought I could be good at.  PR is a very fast paced, stressful career that takes a lot of responsibility and skill.  It can be exciting at times if you find the right firm where you enjoy the projects.  I struggled and had a few let downs but I knew there was something out there that was meant for me to be doing!  I helped with social media pages for several different jobs and was always fascinated by it because of its instantaneous information and community building effects. I then got a job as a social media coordinator for a makeup company in Miami where my love affair with social media marketing began.


  Once I moved home after living in Miami for 4 years, I sat down with my father at the kitchen table and we talked about my next steps for my career.  My dad suggested I start my own business where I help small companies with their social media pages for a low monthly cost.  At first I wasn't into the idea because I didn't think I could run my own business and I was worried about being financially stable, so I got a full time job as an administrative assistant for about a year and a half.  After several months of being miserable as my mundane job, and overloading myself with regular work and my new side hustle I was ready to rethink my dad's idea. I quit my full time job in September of 2017 to really focus in on my goal. 



First we started with the name of the business.  I wrote down ideas in my downtime at work on a pad of paper and added as I thought up more. At first, I wanted the name to have my initials or name in it but nothing sounded catchy enough.  I then started incorporating blonde into the name because of my blonde hair - unfortunately, a lot of people associate blondes with being uneducated and immature so a lot of the names I made were scratched.  I wanted to find a way to incorporate the blonde with a positive, strong word to offset the negativity that comes along with this hair color. I wanted the blonde to represent resilient business women who create their own destinies and don't let anyone get in their way!  I also love alliterations!! When I finally wrote Blonde Boss Media, I automatically knew it was the one. I showed my dad and he approved so I registered it on the Secretary's website.  Once it was approved, BBM was born. 


Once I began creating all my social media pages, my website, marketing materials and telling others about it- that is when my first client approached me. My first client and I knew each other for a few months by then and we follow each other on all our pages. He saw me post something about my website being live on my Snapchat story and messaged me right away! We got him signed up and its been awesome ever since!! We have become more than just business friends but we really help each other out and support one another!

Now, going into over a year and a half of being in business, I have dealt with plenty of struggles and triumphs!  I have learned a lot along the way but one thing that stays the same is my messaging which is to help small businesses flourish  while remaining unapologetic for being a bad a** woman business owner! I am always trying to better my business by adding new services and tools so my business is never stagnant. I also have my own office and plan to expand in the next 5-7 years. It is all a beautiful process and i am in love with every step of it.



Overall, this new-ish venture has been more than rewarding to me and I am so happy I am able to help small business owners all over New England to reach their goals.  I look forward to the evolution of social media and seeing how I can continue to learn and prosper within my field.  This come up story is nothing too spectacular but it means a lot to me because it is something I never thought I could do and now I am doing it and it is the best life decision I have ever made.  Couldn't be happier!


-The Blonde Boss xo

Which Social Media Channels Work BEST For Your Business

Is Facebook right for me? How about Pinterest? Will I have the proper content? Will my audience respond well on these channels?

These are questions I get from many of my clients and just other business owners in general.  How do you know which channels to use that will maximize your business' exposure and gain more customers?  I am going to list the different channels to chose from and what they do so you can get a better understanding of each and their function.

Facebook - Like, Share, Comment. Business pages can be created with multiple editors. Need to have admin to create page and add editors to have access to edit page. Content scheduler is available. Posts consist of text and photos. More text is acceptable for this channel.  Location can be used to specify demographic. Can join groups to network and share content.

Twitter -  Retweet, Like and Reply.  Business pages can be created.  Business page login information required. Less text is more / 140 character limit.  Photos, videos and gifs are best for this channel.  Hashtags are a major way to search and be searched, for specific topics.

Instagram - Like and comment.  Business pages can be created with individual login information.  Visuals are the main focus but can be combined with text and hashtags.  Feed personality, color scheme and content theme is vital and needs to be consistent. Location can be used to specify demographic.

LinkedIn - Like, share and comment.  Business pages can be created through personal account and with a business email.  This channel is business focused so professional posts with appropriate photos and text is best. No hashtags necessary.  Groups can be joined to share content and network.  Like the ultimate business version of Facebook.

Pinterest - Re pin and like.  Business pages can be created with individual login. Visuals is key but articles can be pinned to promote content.  You can create boards for different categories that relate to your business and repost photos, infographics, videos and articles to those specific boards. It helps organize your content so your followers can find what they are looking for.  Product marketing is ideal with this channel.

Snapchat - Video and photo viewing and sharing. Business accounts can be created with individual login.  Create stories about your brand by taking short videos and photos that only last 24 hours. Videos and photos can be saved and re-purposed for other channels. Great for instantaneous updates and events.

Blogging - Copy, video and photos.  Allows brands to personalize and tell their story in their own way.  Businesses can have guest posts and repost content as well.  This channel is writing based and allows you to follow and like other blogs.

Now that you understand each channel, you can narrow down what you think fits your business! If you are a product driven business with multiple items, visual focused channels will probably be the best choice. If you are a service based business - copy focused channels might be the best for you to market your brand.

The one thing you MUST understand is you DON'T need them all! Pick 3 to focus on and if you find a way to use the other platforms in the future, build that out gradually.  Social media can be overwhelming so work on the ones you think are the best for you and the ones you understand the most.  OR... hire someone to do your social media marketing (wink, wink). 

I hope this helped you decide on the platforms for your new business! Take some time to write down which channels you definitely want to use and which ones you want to learn for the future and set some goals for yourself! That is my challenge to you today!

-The Blonde Boss xo