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Take the LAY-ME Out of Flat-Lays; 6 tips for quality photos

Sorry for my dad joke….. kinda.


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably have heard of a flat-lay or seen it on social media / blog pages. And…if you are completely clueless about what I am talking about, here is an example of a flat-lay:

These photos are composed of like items, space and a common color scheme - creating a visually appealing image for all your social media and website pages. Why are we talking about flat-lays you may ask? I am no photographer or graphic artist but I have always been interested in finding fun ways to create my own content. I also put up a poll on my Instagram and Facebook stories to see which topic people would be more interested in and this was the winner. (I am a people pleaser) Honestly, I have been trying to master this technique for quite some time and I have learned that it takes a lot of practice and inspiration / “watching and learning” from others.

So, now that you know (or have been re-familiarized) what a flat-lay is, I want to dish out some awesome tips to get those photos looking fleeky! But, first things first, you will need these five things:

1) Clean, simple background

2) Good lighting

3) Like items with similar color schemes (use in 3’s)

4) Proper spacing (use rule of thirds and symmetry)

5) A small step ladder to get the right angle

Once you have those 5 things, we can get to the meat and potatoes of this blog, the tips!

1) It’s all about proportion

Use a mixture of big and small items to even out the photo and play with the spacing of those items.

2) Take advantage of natural light

Try to position your items near a window or outside where the sun can light up your photo organically.

3) Use props that work together

You wouldn’t use a bottle of wine as a prop if you were trying to market your fitness clothing line - find items that compliment one another and match your branding.

4) Be a storyteller

It’s one thing to take a photo but it’s another to make sure there can be a story tied to the image - this will help the audience relate to you.

5) Position yourself

I told you, you would need a step stool and this is why! When you do a flat-lay, you need to be taking sort of an aerial shot (from above) so this will help you position yourself to achieve that.

6) Edit to perfection

After you have tried different angles, positioning and props - feel free to edit your photo. Play with contrast, brightness and filters to get that crisp, clear and aesthetically pleasing image.


Now, get out there! Try things, make mistakes, create some masterpieces (or not) and have fun! Like I said, practice makes perfect and when you use these tips, you’ll be on your way to fabulous photos for your pages!


Happy content creation, friends!

-The Blonde Boss xo

Facebook's New Anti-Bullying Tools - Small Steps Towards Big Change!

“Facebook is going to be testing ways to easily block offensive words from appearing in comments.” -Forbes

In honor or #WorldMentalHealthDay that occurred yesterday, IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.


Forbes goes on to say that other people can report nasty comments and bullying when you are too scared to report them yourself. (I’m definitely not scared to report, take that bullies!) Certain words will be blocked and content will be able to be reviewed before showing on your pages.

Small steps towards a big change!

I have witnessed online bullying on a personal and business level - both really boil my blood. It’s just a way for insecure people to feel somewhat better about themselves by leaving horrible comments on people’s pages. As, a social media manager, I am always monitoring comments and reviews for my clients. It amazes me how ONE bad comment can ruin a company’s reputation and dull their credibility. So, I am very excited about these new Facebook tools to help deter negativity and stop the haters!


Here is my two cents on top of my other two cents (and something I recently learned):

1) Unfollow people who don’t POSITIVITY serve you

2) Don’t be a hater, find out why you feel the way you do and look at yourself before leaving mean comments

3) Use social media as a support system/community and spread positivity

4) Don’t take negative comments to heart, remember that those people might be having their own issues that they need to work out

5) Use the new Facebook Anti-Bullying Tools to monitor the content being posted on your business pages - it might save your butt one day!


This blog inspired me to review more upcoming social media updates because, there are A LOT of them I am trying to catch up with!

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on the new FB update!

-The Blonde Boss xo

The Count Down BEGINS!

It’s almost go-time, people!


Yes, there are OFFICIALLY 3 days until I leave NH and drive across country to San Diego for my new life! So many emotions and so much to do!


So, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about a few things:

1) Next week, I will be driving across the country so I won’t be posting as much on BBM’s pages until I get settled in

2) I won’t be posting a blog next week - giving myself a break just for the week!

3) I am not taking on any new clients or business projects right now. I am keeping a majority of my clients and working remotely but I am actively looking for a full-time position and if I find the right one, it will be taking up a lot of my time.

Watch for my Instagram stories of all our travels through the U.S. and give me some suggestions on sight-seeing por favor!

Thanks for all your support everyone! I’ll see you on the west coast!

-The Blonde Boss xo

Confessions of a Social Media Manager

I have some confessions to make…


No one is perfect and I am always trying to grow and get better at what I do every day! Some things are harder than others, some things bother the living hell of out of me and some things are out of my control.

If you are a social media manager or hired one on your staff, you may relate!

So, here it goes:

1) My least favorite platform is Facebook

2) I am most irked when I work on a Canva graphic for over and hour and post it and I only get like 12 likes

3) I follow all my client competitors and follow all their followers

4) I think FB or Instagram Live is kind of cheesy and not good quality

5) I never buy followers

6) I am all about quality followers rather than quantity of followers

7) I never schedule out my content a month in advance (social media changes, trends change, I live for the moment)

8) I won’t ever do automatic DMs….again!

9) I spend more than half of my day scrolling Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

10) I don’t follow every trend or use every new feature for my clients

11) I rely more on genuine content over paid ads

12) I am VERY picky with the content I post

13) I love UGC (user generated content) more than anything

14) I believe Insta stories are going to take over the social media world

15) My favorite platform is Pinterest with Instagram coming in hard second


So, now you know all my dirty little secrets…


I never claim to be the model business woman or have it all together (i actually kind of prefer chaos). I feel like the best way to flourish as a business owner is to claim your faults and work on yourself. Everything is all trial and error so buckle up babe, you’re in for a lot of life changing speed bumps along the way!

What are some of your confessions from your industry? Leave them in the comments!

-The Blonde Boss xo

IGTV: Luxury or Necessity ... and who should be using it!

The social media world is ALWAYS changing and gaining new features for us, social media managers,  to learn and market with!  Currently, the new craze is IGTV and it is bringing some serious YouTube vibes to the popular, visual platform! 

So, what EXACTLY is IGTV? Watch:

Now that you have somewhat of an idea about what IGTV entails lets dive deeper. 

Obviously, IGTV is trying to immolate YouTube by offering channels with long videos which is great since Instagram only allows short videos for stories and I am pretty sure, only 60 seconds for feed videos.  So, with that in mind, is this new feature a luxury or necessity when it comes to business?

...I think it's both!


  • If you want to be able to shoot long videos without going back and forth between Youtube and Insta
  • If you like everything in one channel
  • If you think this will gain new followers and be a new way to show off your content



  • If you aren't a pro at Youtube, IGTV allows you create your own channel with ease

  • If you think Instagram's short videos/stories doesn't allow you to showcase your content to the full extent you want

  • If you want to make it easier and more accessible for all your followers to stay on one channel to view all your content


As you can see, IGTV can be both a luxury and a necessity for businesses. I would definitely suggest playing around with it and making it into a fun way to talk to your audience!

Who should be using this:

1) Vloggers /Bloggers

2) Instagram models / Influencers

3) Businesses without a YouTube Channel

4) Businesses who need more video on their pages

5) Entrepreneurs / Businesses who are involved in a lot of events, community stuff and anything FUN to keep the interest up!


Obviously, other people can use it too but I think these are the main groups who are going to benefit from this feature most! 

Happy exploring!


-The Blonde Boss xo