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Video Marketing: Tips to create videos without a fancy camera or expensive agency

Video Marketing - you’ve heard the term a few 100 times but what does it actually entail?


According to Wikipedia, “video marketing is a type of content marketing and advertising in which business create 30 seconds to 5-minute videos about specific topics. The videos are then uploaded to various video sharing websites like YouTube for distribution and exposure.“ So, what does that mean for small businesses without the budget to buy fancy video equipment or hire an overpriced agency? It is a lot simpler than you think!

Let’s get down to it. First, I want to give you a few tips to creating quality video right from your cell phone (regardless if you have a iPhone or an Android) and then I am going to give you some strategy tips to make your videos compelling and allow you to become a storyteller with your content. These tricks are going to save you time, money and resources - you can’t go wrong!

  1. Use the Rule of Thirds

  2. Take advantage of natural lighting

  3. Film horizontally, not vertically

  4. Invest in a microphone for quality sound, like this one

  5. Download free video editing apps to slice and dice your videos, like VideoShow

Now that you know how to shoot quality videos - let’s talk strategy. You can’t just create videos whenever you feel like it and expect it to stick. There is a science to it. Every business has their own strategy according to their industry, their audience and their goals. Here are my tips to building out that strategy:

1) Create a campaign around your product/service

  1. Put together a message you want to convey and a goal you want to accomplish

  2. Identify your Call to Action (CTA)

  3. Create video and still photography around this theme

  4. Schedule the content according to relevancy

2) Have both long and short form videos

3) Keep your branding consistent (color scheme, logo, voice, etc.)

4) Don’t over promote your brand - add some light. soft sell content as well

5) Lastly, and most importantly, be AUTHENTIC-LY YOU

There you have it. Now you have no excuse for not creating beautiful, stand-out video content for your business. REMEMBER - this is a work in progress, you will make some crappy videos at first but once you find what works for your business, it’ll be a breeze. You have the tools at your fingertips that will help you tell your brand story in the most interactive way. No fancy camera equipment and no expensive creative agency - just your phone and a vision! Go on, it’s time to create!


- The Blonde Boss xo

Backstory of BBM

"Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you."

Being a dreamer has allowed me to be creative and keep an open mind when pursuing life projects.  I go through these phases of trying new things but get bored and move onto something else when I realize it isn't the right fit.  I am able to test out all these waters + not be afraid of the outcome because I see it as a journey that all works towards the end goal of finding my happiness. Blonde Boss Media was more to me than one of my new project flings, it was something I had a serious passion for.  Here is how it all started: thinking up the idea, picking a name, getting my first client and continuing to build it out day after day. 

After graduating college with my degree in public relations and working a few jobs in the industry, I really started to hone in on what I enjoyed and what I thought I could be good at.  PR is a very fast paced, stressful career that takes a lot of responsibility and skill.  It can be exciting at times if you find the right firm where you enjoy the projects.  I struggled and had a few let downs but I knew there was something out there that was meant for me to be doing!  I helped with social media pages for several different jobs and was always fascinated by it because of its instantaneous information and community building effects. I then got a job as a social media coordinator for a makeup company in Miami where my love affair with social media marketing began.


  Once I moved home after living in Miami for 4 years, I sat down with my father at the kitchen table and we talked about my next steps for my career.  My dad suggested I start my own business where I help small companies with their social media pages for a low monthly cost.  At first I wasn't into the idea because I didn't think I could run my own business and I was worried about being financially stable, so I got a full time job as an administrative assistant for about a year and a half.  After several months of being miserable as my mundane job, and overloading myself with regular work and my new side hustle I was ready to rethink my dad's idea. I quit my full time job in September of 2017 to really focus in on my goal. 



First we started with the name of the business.  I wrote down ideas in my downtime at work on a pad of paper and added as I thought up more. At first, I wanted the name to have my initials or name in it but nothing sounded catchy enough.  I then started incorporating blonde into the name because of my blonde hair - unfortunately, a lot of people associate blondes with being uneducated and immature so a lot of the names I made were scratched.  I wanted to find a way to incorporate the blonde with a positive, strong word to offset the negativity that comes along with this hair color. I wanted the blonde to represent resilient business women who create their own destinies and don't let anyone get in their way!  I also love alliterations!! When I finally wrote Blonde Boss Media, I automatically knew it was the one. I showed my dad and he approved so I registered it on the Secretary's website.  Once it was approved, BBM was born. 


Once I began creating all my social media pages, my website, marketing materials and telling others about it- that is when my first client approached me. My first client and I knew each other for a few months by then and we follow each other on all our pages. He saw me post something about my website being live on my Snapchat story and messaged me right away! We got him signed up and its been awesome ever since!! We have become more than just business friends but we really help each other out and support one another!

Now, going into over a year and a half of being in business, I have dealt with plenty of struggles and triumphs!  I have learned a lot along the way but one thing that stays the same is my messaging which is to help small businesses flourish  while remaining unapologetic for being a bad a** woman business owner! I am always trying to better my business by adding new services and tools so my business is never stagnant. I also have my own office and plan to expand in the next 5-7 years. It is all a beautiful process and i am in love with every step of it.



Overall, this new-ish venture has been more than rewarding to me and I am so happy I am able to help small business owners all over New England to reach their goals.  I look forward to the evolution of social media and seeing how I can continue to learn and prosper within my field.  This come up story is nothing too spectacular but it means a lot to me because it is something I never thought I could do and now I am doing it and it is the best life decision I have ever made.  Couldn't be happier!


-The Blonde Boss xo

When Should You Hire A Social Media Agency For Your Business?

As the new year creeps up on us, we must evaluate ourselves and our businesses to make sure we improve and move forward.  Going back to my previous blog post, you must not set "New Years Resolutions" but create an ongoing plan to reinvent yourself.  So, how will you take your business to the next level for 2018? Is a revamp or re-branding in order? Do you need new staff or new software to make your job easier?  Whatever it is, make it happen this year!



Social media should be a major player in your overall marketing strategy but when is it time to hand over the reins? When you are a small business with a small budget, hiring an agency might be out of the question but how about a freelancer who specializes in social media? Either way, social media marketing should be a top priority on your list of business expenses!

Thus, I have come up with a few tips to decide when to hire a social media agency for your business!

1) When Your Company Starts Growing

This is the biggest factor because when you already have an idea of your target market, your team is bigger so you can delegate the tasks necessary to help out the agency and you have more funds to pay the retainer comfortably.  You also have become more seasoned in the industry so you know who the main players are and how you can compare with marketing strategies.

2) When You Are Too Busy To Do It Yourself

I know, "duh"!  But sometimes we, as business owners, don't want to delegate anything because our business is our baby and we want to make sure everything is just right!  Let go and allow someone who specializes in social media take over, work along side them with creating the content and help them comprehend the brand like you do.  When someone is given the job to just focus on your marketing, there will be a higher change of top results.

3) When Your Other Marketing Plans Failed

When your past social media posts and campaigns have failed and you are running out of ammo, this is when you call in the big dogs.  Turn this opportunity into a creative strategy session and get all different perspectives from the agency employee(s) as well as your staffs'! When you can discuss the SWOT analysis and put a innovative plan in place, the agency will be able to execute more efficiently. 

Overall, each business differs and it all depends on your budget and where you are in your business journey.  Regardless, in this day and age, social media is a MUST for all industries and should be implemented properly to promote and generate necessary leads.  Find a trusted social media manager in your area to do the dirty work and allow yourself to focus on what is most important....RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS!

Interested in working with us!? Blonde Boss Media is here to assist with ANY of your social media marketing needs! Affordable monthly cost and personalized experience for every business! Whether your a veteran company or a small startup, BBM would love to help you reach your goals!  Contact us today!



-The Blonde Boss xo



How to Celebrate Small Business Saturday by Shopping Local!

Blonde Boss Media has a strong mission that supports all small businesses, of all industries.

 "The strength of our community is no more than the local businesses that are behind it. In this ever changing society, we must use the tools available to support and build these establishments. Blonde Boss Media is dedicated to being a guide, a resource for emerging businesses in NH."

To celebrate these wonderful small businesses and give them the recognition they deserve, Small Business Saturday was created!  I posted the other day on my pages to encourage local businesses to send me their Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals so I could feature them on my blog but I didn't get any response. I was wondering why no one responded but then it hit me... small businesses shouldn't have to hold deals to get recognized! They don't need to sell themselves short just to get those one-time, sale obsessed, customers that won't add value (money or other) to their business.  

Although, my realizations made me rethink this blog, I was able to find a list of deals from local businesses on the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce website so please go check that out by clicking the button below! 


Instead of taking that dreaded trip to the mall, head to any of these places to find some awesome deals! Why? Because shopping local helps our local economy, thus securing more jobs and developing our cities' culture! Not convinced, check out this article from Forbes to find out more! 

I am not just promoting this day because BBM is a small business but because I have met some AMAZING/BADASS/COOL AF entrepreneurs that deserve to be shown off.  Their work ethic is out of this world and they are so kind to anyone and everyone they meet because that is what it takes to be a leader.  They don't step on anyone to get to where they need to be, they work day in and day out and are so passionate about their job - it's like its not even work to them, its a way of life.  Here are some of my favorite small businesses that you need to check out: 

-Bellman Jewelers

-Cafe Reine


-Kriss Cosmetics 

-True Peak Crossfit

-North Main Music

-Metamorphosis Media

-Telephone Systems Efficiency

-Ooh Laa Spa

-Be Day Spa

- The Birch on Elm

-Fish Mike Aquatics

- Waterworks Cafe 

- Kristin Hardwick Photography

- Pine and Bars Co. 

-Southern Clothing Co. 

And there are so many more that I just cannot even remember! It is up to you to explore them!

Also, watch for my Cyber Monday deal next week! Business owners who need help with social media marketing - I'm your girl! Currently taking on new clients for winter 2017 into 2018!! 


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

(or in your city hehe)

Mahatma Gandhi


Happy shopping folks! 

-The Blonde Boss xo