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How Your Style Should Reflect Your Business

Having personal style is more than finding a sweater that you like and fits well - personal style is an attitude, a representation of your inner self. 

So, what does this have to do with business?  SO MUCH! When you express yourself through fashion and it matches with your values (business and personal),  you are able to create a brand image that is memorable.  


I have been working on my personal style and how I want to be portrayed to my clients and the public and trust me, it has been a journey!  I love wearing leggings and sweatshirts and combat boots but being a business owner, you need to alter that based on the color scheme and personality of your brand.  You have to open your mind to new pieces, new colors and patterns - it may seem unnatural at times but you just need to try!

For my personal style, I stick to three things:

1) Versatility (how many different ways I can wear it)

2) Affordability (if I can afford it / is the piece worth it)

3) Confidence Factor (how I feel in it)

Keep these tips in mind during your next shopping trip to help you decide your personal style:

1) Research gurus in your industry + see what they wear - now, make it your own!

2) Think about your brand personality - if it's simplistic, find some versatile pieces that represent that

3) Hire a stylist ( - if you lack in the fashion department, hire a local stylist to help you decide on your look. They are professionals and know how to provide the best looks according to your budget.

So, you see, finding your personal style doesn't have to be scary.  It is all about knowing the importance of creating a consistent look and allowing it to bring out your true personality!  If you are a person who definitely needs help with this, BBM offers personal styling for an affordable cost!! Contact us for more info!

Until then... have fun with it and be yourself!!

-The Blonde Boss xo



FIRST VLOG: Why I think Internships are SO Valuable

Please no judging on my video quality, my messy after-work hair or my weirdly lit apartment - I CREATED MY FIRST VLOG!   I am trying to break the ice with video content and I know I need to do more of it so here is the first to more to come! 

This February marks 1 month of my internship with TESstylist and I have been wanting to do a blog on internships for a while because this experience has effected me in so many positive ways. 

Watch the VLOG here:


Let me know if you have any suggestions on topics!  Thanks for watching!


-The Blonde Boss xo