3 Udemy Social Media Courses You Should Take If You Are A Biz Owner

"Be Humble, Be Teachable and ALWAYS Keep Learning." 


Every business owner/entrepreneur can relate to this because our jobs consist of continuous learning and growing!  In order to avoid staying stagnant, we must learn and take courses to help broaden our horizons and grow our brands.  This is where websites like Udemy comes in!  Haven't heard of it?? Udemy is a great tool for all industries because it offers a library of different courses from web development to social media marketing, all for a low price (or sometimes FREE!).  


When I first started BBM, I wanted to grow my brand by adding new, exciting services to my menu!  I looked online for a few courses but they were just out of my budget and then I spotted Udemy.  I took a media training course for around $20 and it was chuck full of video tutorials, quizzes and printouts for you to review later! 

So, now that I sound like a instagram model posting an ad for some stupid tummy tea - I am going to give you biz peeps 3 courses you should take on udemy! 

1) Social Media Automation

2) Creating Social Media Graphics That Pop! 

3) Social Media Strategy for Business Owners

And, just because I am feeling nice... I will add in the three ADDITIONAL courses I am taking right now! 


1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Google Analytics

3) Google Adwords

Now you have all the courses available to you to go and FLOURISH! 

Leave your feedback on these courses!!

-The Blonde Boss xo 

My Big Move to California!


I know right?? I'm nuts. 

It is officially, official - I am moving to San Diego, California in September!  If you know this already, I apologize for my constant ranting and raving but I am just so excited.  I have made it known to all my clients and my part-time job so I can now finally say it out loud!

Since I was in high school, I have wanted to live in California.  I knew I was meant to live there and when I visited San Diego for the first time in 2016, it couldn't feel more like home to me.  I had a few PR agencies that I have always dreamt of working for - now I have the opportunity to apply to them!

So, what are my plans with life, with BBM, with everything? 


Blonde Boss will continue to help current clients remotely but I will be taking on a full time position at a PR  and marketing firm to continue learning and growing!  Although this will be a major change, I am ready to step into something totally new and get back into what I went to school for. 

My Goals for Moving Out West:

1) Refresh and expand my skills in public relations and social media marketing

2) Get involved with new interests groups to meet people

3) Be more present in my every day life

4) Get involved in a charity of some sort and/or volunteer

5) Continue building my current client's pages even from across the country

On September 24th, I will be driving across country with my love, exploring the pit stops along the way! I am so grateful for this opportunity to finally move to my favorite city and I am excited to see where this journey takes me. 


As of now, BBM isn't taking on new clients but looking for project based opportunities to continue learning and helping businesses in NH!  Thank you to everyone who supports BBM and I look forward to sharing a whole new perspective to you all!

-The Blonde Boss xo


Our Very First Mood Board Inspiration + How To Create Yours

Mood Board (noun) - an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept (google definition)


I am obsessed with looking at mood boards on Pinterest and Instagram and I have yet to really create my own.  Obviously I love golds and mustard yellows but I want to create a concept that represents BBM and what it actually means to be a Blonde Boss.

It means to be kind

It means to be honest

It means to be bold

It means to be uniquely you

It means to work hard

It means to collaborate

It means to build a community

It means you can be whoever you want to be

So, with this said, I am going to post a few images that evoke that persona in the best way possible to create....my very first mood board!




I found all these photos on Pinterest (my favorite) and to me, these photos truly embody the BBM brand including, but not limited to: 

-learning as much as possible

-stepping out of comfort zones

-encouraging the power of positivity

-embracing collaboration and community

-flaunting your unique style

-opening your mind to bold ideas!



How can you create your own mood board? Think of a concept you are trying to portray, now think of the branding and your color scheme/brand personality and then search for photos that represent that.

See below for a breakdown and how you can organize your assortment accordingly.



I want to see your finished mood boards!! Post them on social media and tag us @BlondeBossMedia, I will feature my faves!


The Blonde Boss xo

How to Avoid Bad Visuals on Your Social Media Profiles

Looks are definitely not everything but on social media, the look of your profile is definitely important!

I often see a lot of small businesses with all the social media channels but when you scroll down their pages its all cheesy stock photos from Google or other sources.  I also see a lot of blurry images, poor design and messy text.  This all needs to stop! Now, I'm not the social media po-po by any means but I like to see businesses succeed and in this day and age, it all starts with their online presence.

"But, I don't have the time or resources to post quality photos on a weekly basis!" 

Every business is busy but social media marketing needs to be on the top of your priority list! You don't need to hire a professional photographer or have a film crew follow you around all day, you just need to be creative!  I am going to give you a list of things to try when you are posting on your pages that will draw the eyes of your ideal customer!

1) Utilize User Generated Content - if any of your past customers posted a photo and tagged you or used your hashtag, REPOST IT!  This is a good way to show your appreciation to your customer and engages other potential customers!

2) Repost popular content - Look back at your posts that people reacted to the most!  Change it up a little and post away! 

3) Use easy graphic design software to make cool flyers - I used Canva to create graphics for any events I am involved in, blog posts I write or just fun quotes/fun facts!

4) Pay attention to holidays, trends and events - This is a great way to relate to others while still remaining relevant in your industry!

5) Have fun with personal posts from time to time - Make your pages more humanized and less automated. Post photos of your staff, your dog, lunch at the office, etc.  This is a great way to make your audience feel like a part of the team.


Now that you have some non-boring ways to post on your business' social media pages, you are on your way to endless opportunities!  Close Google Images and start thinking deeper!  What does your audience talk most about? What big companies do they follow?  What are their online behaviors?  Once you know these answers, you will be able to create lively content that will bring more followers, more customers and more $$$$$!

You're welcome.

-The Blonde Boss xo



UPDATE: New Clients!

Things have been getting a little crazy lately but I am loving the ride. #punning

Winter has been definitely on the slower side, leaving a lot of room for procrastination and laziness but I am vamped up for spring with some new clients! I am ready to reveal some new projects I am working on and explain my goals for each!


Harley Davidson of Manchester - I will be signed on as an employee of Harley Davidson where I will be managing and creating content for all their social media channels!  Helping them curate the Harley Davidson lifestyle through photo and video communications.  We will work on consistency, engagement + building the community surrounding this iconic brand.  I am beyond excited to learn more about this industry and to help create a wider audience across all age groups and interests.

You can find Manchester Harley Davidson on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!


Hair Loom - My long time hair dresser and family friend, Hair Loom is a hidden gem in Manchester with a personal feel.  I will helping them build an overall online presence and showing off their wonderful beauty services.  I will focus on educating followers about hair health while keeping it fun and eye catching!  Opening these channels up will allow new clients to come in, while keeping regulars coming back!

You can find Hair Loom on:  Facebook and Instagram!


Out of The Box Tours - This fun touring company has become a major player in the Manchester community. With their already established presence, I will be focused on continuing the awesome content on a consistent basis.  I will also want to focus on video content and providing hype for upcoming tours and events! Bringing in all different demographics for all different occasions; social media will be a major factor in getting people excited!

You can find Out of The Box Tours on:  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Now that my secrets are out, I am so excited for you all to see the progress of each company!! I am learning so much and growing in so many aspects of my life and business!  So grateful and blessed for these opportunities. Stay tuned...



-The Blonde Boss xo