Take the LAY-ME Out of Flat-Lays; 6 tips for quality photos

Sorry for my dad joke….. kinda.


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably have heard of a flat-lay or seen it on social media / blog pages. And…if you are completely clueless about what I am talking about, here is an example of a flat-lay:

These photos are composed of like items, space and a common color scheme - creating a visually appealing image for all your social media and website pages. Why are we talking about flat-lays you may ask? I am no photographer or graphic artist but I have always been interested in finding fun ways to create my own content. I also put up a poll on my Instagram and Facebook stories to see which topic people would be more interested in and this was the winner. (I am a people pleaser) Honestly, I have been trying to master this technique for quite some time and I have learned that it takes a lot of practice and inspiration / “watching and learning” from others.

So, now that you know (or have been re-familiarized) what a flat-lay is, I want to dish out some awesome tips to get those photos looking fleeky! But, first things first, you will need these five things:

1) Clean, simple background

2) Good lighting

3) Like items with similar color schemes (use in 3’s)

4) Proper spacing (use rule of thirds and symmetry)

5) A small step ladder to get the right angle

Once you have those 5 things, we can get to the meat and potatoes of this blog, the tips!

1) It’s all about proportion

Use a mixture of big and small items to even out the photo and play with the spacing of those items.

2) Take advantage of natural light

Try to position your items near a window or outside where the sun can light up your photo organically.

3) Use props that work together

You wouldn’t use a bottle of wine as a prop if you were trying to market your fitness clothing line - find items that compliment one another and match your branding.

4) Be a storyteller

It’s one thing to take a photo but it’s another to make sure there can be a story tied to the image - this will help the audience relate to you.

5) Position yourself

I told you, you would need a step stool and this is why! When you do a flat-lay, you need to be taking sort of an aerial shot (from above) so this will help you position yourself to achieve that.

6) Edit to perfection

After you have tried different angles, positioning and props - feel free to edit your photo. Play with contrast, brightness and filters to get that crisp, clear and aesthetically pleasing image.


Now, get out there! Try things, make mistakes, create some masterpieces (or not) and have fun! Like I said, practice makes perfect and when you use these tips, you’ll be on your way to fabulous photos for your pages!


Happy content creation, friends!

-The Blonde Boss xo

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting A Business

With a growing population of entrepreneurs and small business owners, you have to find a way to stand out!  Sick of your 9-5 job and ready to be your own boss?  Have an idea but not sure where to start?  Been there, done that.  Being a business owner is NOT for the faint hearted by any means but if you possess the passion and drive, you can make anything happen1


So, with your passion and ideas in alignment... I have put together 5 questions that, I believe, you need to ask yourself before beginning your journey!  They aren't technical or something you need an intense research sesh for.... they're just there to make you think!

Get your thinking cap on!

1) Do you have a business plan?

2)  Can your idea be monetized?

3) Do you have a mentor in the industry?

4) Have you done your research?

5) Will you have a team or will you work alone? 

6) How will you market you idea?


Take these questions, put them on paper, write our your answers.  If any of the answers are 'no' then take another sheet of paper and start making goals of how to change that no to a yes!  Once you have answered all these questions and everything is working in harmony... TAKE ACTION!  Get yourself a planner and make deadlines, goals and strategies to get your idea off the ground! 

Good luck!

-The Blonde Boss xo





UPDATE: New Clients!

Things have been getting a little crazy lately but I am loving the ride. #punning

Winter has been definitely on the slower side, leaving a lot of room for procrastination and laziness but I am vamped up for spring with some new clients! I am ready to reveal some new projects I am working on and explain my goals for each!


Harley Davidson of Manchester - I will be signed on as an employee of Harley Davidson where I will be managing and creating content for all their social media channels!  Helping them curate the Harley Davidson lifestyle through photo and video communications.  We will work on consistency, engagement + building the community surrounding this iconic brand.  I am beyond excited to learn more about this industry and to help create a wider audience across all age groups and interests.

You can find Manchester Harley Davidson on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!


Hair Loom - My long time hair dresser and family friend, Hair Loom is a hidden gem in Manchester with a personal feel.  I will helping them build an overall online presence and showing off their wonderful beauty services.  I will focus on educating followers about hair health while keeping it fun and eye catching!  Opening these channels up will allow new clients to come in, while keeping regulars coming back!

You can find Hair Loom on:  Facebook and Instagram!


Out of The Box Tours - This fun touring company has become a major player in the Manchester community. With their already established presence, I will be focused on continuing the awesome content on a consistent basis.  I will also want to focus on video content and providing hype for upcoming tours and events! Bringing in all different demographics for all different occasions; social media will be a major factor in getting people excited!

You can find Out of The Box Tours on:  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Now that my secrets are out, I am so excited for you all to see the progress of each company!! I am learning so much and growing in so many aspects of my life and business!  So grateful and blessed for these opportunities. Stay tuned...



-The Blonde Boss xo