IGTV: Luxury or Necessity ... and who should be using it!

The social media world is ALWAYS changing and gaining new features for us, social media managers,  to learn and market with!  Currently, the new craze is IGTV and it is bringing some serious YouTube vibes to the popular, visual platform! 

So, what EXACTLY is IGTV? Watch:

Now that you have somewhat of an idea about what IGTV entails lets dive deeper. 

Obviously, IGTV is trying to immolate YouTube by offering channels with long videos which is great since Instagram only allows short videos for stories and I am pretty sure, only 60 seconds for feed videos.  So, with that in mind, is this new feature a luxury or necessity when it comes to business?

...I think it's both!


  • If you want to be able to shoot long videos without going back and forth between Youtube and Insta
  • If you like everything in one channel
  • If you think this will gain new followers and be a new way to show off your content



  • If you aren't a pro at Youtube, IGTV allows you create your own channel with ease

  • If you think Instagram's short videos/stories doesn't allow you to showcase your content to the full extent you want

  • If you want to make it easier and more accessible for all your followers to stay on one channel to view all your content


As you can see, IGTV can be both a luxury and a necessity for businesses. I would definitely suggest playing around with it and making it into a fun way to talk to your audience!

Who should be using this:

1) Vloggers /Bloggers

2) Instagram models / Influencers

3) Businesses without a YouTube Channel

4) Businesses who need more video on their pages

5) Entrepreneurs / Businesses who are involved in a lot of events, community stuff and anything FUN to keep the interest up!


Obviously, other people can use it too but I think these are the main groups who are going to benefit from this feature most! 

Happy exploring!


-The Blonde Boss xo

Which Social Media Channels Work BEST For Your Business

Is Facebook right for me? How about Pinterest? Will I have the proper content? Will my audience respond well on these channels?

These are questions I get from many of my clients and just other business owners in general.  How do you know which channels to use that will maximize your business' exposure and gain more customers?  I am going to list the different channels to chose from and what they do so you can get a better understanding of each and their function.

Facebook - Like, Share, Comment. Business pages can be created with multiple editors. Need to have admin to create page and add editors to have access to edit page. Content scheduler is available. Posts consist of text and photos. More text is acceptable for this channel.  Location can be used to specify demographic. Can join groups to network and share content.

Twitter -  Retweet, Like and Reply.  Business pages can be created.  Business page login information required. Less text is more / 140 character limit.  Photos, videos and gifs are best for this channel.  Hashtags are a major way to search and be searched, for specific topics.

Instagram - Like and comment.  Business pages can be created with individual login information.  Visuals are the main focus but can be combined with text and hashtags.  Feed personality, color scheme and content theme is vital and needs to be consistent. Location can be used to specify demographic.

LinkedIn - Like, share and comment.  Business pages can be created through personal account and with a business email.  This channel is business focused so professional posts with appropriate photos and text is best. No hashtags necessary.  Groups can be joined to share content and network.  Like the ultimate business version of Facebook.

Pinterest - Re pin and like.  Business pages can be created with individual login. Visuals is key but articles can be pinned to promote content.  You can create boards for different categories that relate to your business and repost photos, infographics, videos and articles to those specific boards. It helps organize your content so your followers can find what they are looking for.  Product marketing is ideal with this channel.

Snapchat - Video and photo viewing and sharing. Business accounts can be created with individual login.  Create stories about your brand by taking short videos and photos that only last 24 hours. Videos and photos can be saved and re-purposed for other channels. Great for instantaneous updates and events.

Blogging - Copy, video and photos.  Allows brands to personalize and tell their story in their own way.  Businesses can have guest posts and repost content as well.  This channel is writing based and allows you to follow and like other blogs.

Now that you understand each channel, you can narrow down what you think fits your business! If you are a product driven business with multiple items, visual focused channels will probably be the best choice. If you are a service based business - copy focused channels might be the best for you to market your brand.

The one thing you MUST understand is you DON'T need them all! Pick 3 to focus on and if you find a way to use the other platforms in the future, build that out gradually.  Social media can be overwhelming so work on the ones you think are the best for you and the ones you understand the most.  OR... hire someone to do your social media marketing (wink, wink). 

I hope this helped you decide on the platforms for your new business! Take some time to write down which channels you definitely want to use and which ones you want to learn for the future and set some goals for yourself! That is my challenge to you today!

-The Blonde Boss xo