Four Things To Focus On In 2019 for Your Social Media Marketing

Learning is the key to success, success is made when you are constantly building your understanding in your field and in your life.

I have been trying to read as much as possible and expand my mind on not just social media marketing but the different factors that go along with it, to bring more traction.


A social media manager’s work is never done, there are always new features, new tools and new methods to keep up with and work is never stagnant. As I have stated in past blogs, I frequently read Social Media Today and the amount of content there is about new stuff just in the social media realm is bananas, so staying on top of it is important.

On that note, let’s dive in on the four things to focus on in 2019!


1) Influencer Marketing

Finding the big players related to your niche or market and working with them to promote your product or service in exchange for free product or payment! These people typically have a big following and the more exposure your business gets, the bigger ROI.

2) Targeted Video Ads

Just using regular Instagram or Facebook ads or boosted posts aren’t going to cut it anymore. Understanding your target audience and creating an engaging video to put out to that audience is going to get your pages more traction, thus more sales.

3) Story Schedules

Instagram and Facebook stories have become a more effective way to bring people to your pages. Having a consistent story schedule can keep your page at the top of everyone’s story feed, especially if your content is interactive and engaging.

4) SEO

Having a basic understanding of SEO, especially when it relates to social media marketing and blogging, is essential. Recognizing your most effective keywords for your business and keeping them consistent throughout is a great way to keep your website and page traffic increasing.

So, my challenge to you is READ, READ, READ and build your understanding on these things because they will be the future of social media marketing for your business. Find some websites, social media blogs and watch some videos - educate yourself!


It’s not only good for your business but good for your soul!

-The Blonde Boss xo

Finding Your Cause; Business Fundraising That Means Something

Hey! Fellow business owners! What are you doing to give back?

As a business owner in your community, it is your duty to stand behind a cause, big or small.  You are the major players and key influencers in your society so having a cause attached to you will only help create a positive reputation.  It may be difficult to find the right cause that fits your business but it is all conditional to what type of message you are trying to put out there!


I have decided to focus on fundraising for the National Eating Disorder Association because it is something that is close to my heart.  My business revolves around supporting small local businesses but mainly women owned businesses and I know how much pressure we receive to compete and be the best.  I struggled with an eating disorder in college for about 4-5 years and it has shaped me into the person I am today.  After attending outpatient treatment for a summer and a lot of self reflection, I put myself through recovery.  It is something I still struggle with every day but Blonde Boss has motivated me to be that positive influence and spread my message of "girl power"!!  I not only am focusing on this cause because of my own issues but because I want to be a good representation of what a woman business owner should be which is supporting and uplifting one another!


Here are some things to consider when you are choosing your cause for your business:

1) Does it align with your company values?

Every company has a set of values they live by.  If you are a vegan food distributor, you won't be supporting any charity events that include zoos, bull riding or horseback riding.  Think about if it will contradict your message and make the proper adjustments.

2) Is it too controversial?

Try to stay away from anything political or religious, it'll save you a lot of trouble.  Think about what people might have to say about you posting this on your social media pages or in your marketing; will they be offended?  It may be your view but you have to be fair and think of what the consequences may be if you pursue it.

3) Will it resonate with your target audience?

When I decided on my cause being the NEDA, I thought about my women focused audience.  Even if they haven't experienced an eating disorder first hand, everyone has felt insecure or inadequate at some point in their lives so they will be able to resonate with that.  Think about how your target audience will react to your cause, will they support it?

4) Does it mean a lot to you?

This is the most important but also needs to be taken into further consideration before making public.  Think about if this cause really fuels you and makes you want to spread the word to everyone around you.  Does it make you feel passionate, strong, determined?  Good. Then you found your cause.

5) Will you truly take the initiative to promote it?

It is one thing to say you support something but if you're not putting in the footwork then forget about it.  BBM signed up to be an official partner for the NEDA awareness week this year, we posted informational content throughout the week and we created a team for one of their NEDA walks in May!  It's all about how you promote it and if you are consistent!  If you don't think you can commit, then maybe think about focusing on another cause.


So, there you have it, finding the right cause for your business! It's not rocket science but definitely a work of the heart!  This cause can ultimately make or break your business if you go about it in the wrong way.  DO YOUR RESEARCH, PEOPLE! Oh, and don't be fake about it, support something because you want to, not because you think it'll get you more followers or more money from investors!  Be you and be awesome!


-The Blonde Boss xo