2019: New Goals & New Social Media Trends to Watch For


2019 is here and I think we were all ready for it - Amirite?? Every New Year I write down my goals and what I plan to accomplish in those 365 days but this year, I didn’t bother. Why you may ask? I am usually such a goal-oriented person but with all the great things, I feel, I have accomplished in 2018, I didn’t want to put that unnecessary pressure on myself. I wanted to reflect on my accomplishments and not force any deadlines or end points on my success. Now, this is not to say I don’t have some things I want to get better at or complete this year but I tried to keep them in my mind and not put so much emphasis on them.

What I am trying to say is… don’t feel pressured to make these extravagant goals because society makes it seem like this is the only way you can succeed in the new year.


But… if you are looking to check some goals off your list for your business this year, whether it’s to start a blog, build an online presence or just choose a name for your LLC - you will learn that social media is your best friend.

Here are a few trends to watch for and adapt to this year when it comes to building your social media pages:

1) Storytelling and Brand Narrative

  • Create an authentic story line that’s relatable to others

  • Make your story fluid and consistent throughout

  • Put a face to the brand to tell your story

2) Video is King

  • Use video to give life to your brand

  • Utilize short and long videos to target different audiences on different platforms

  • Be unique and creative to keep your brand fresh in your audience’s mind

  • Take advantage of user generated content (ugc) to get the conversation started and build a community around your brand

3) Social Listening

  • Pay attention to and follow important hashtags

  • Watch industry leaders and competitors content that’s working

  • Follow what your audience is needing/wanting/looking for/talking about

4) Stories - Not just a fun add-on

  • Use stories to give short, informational bits to your audience

  • Use stories to ask your audience questions

  • Use stories to engage with your followers, especially with user generated content (UGC)


Everyone should be excited for the new year because a new year means new opportunities to grow and flourish. Whether it is within ourselves or our business ventures, we must take advantage of any new knowledge or chances to make our lives fuller. These social media trends will prepare you for what’s ahead for your business pages. Make sure you are telling a story with your brand, using quality video content, listening to your audience and industry and taking advantage of Facebook and Instagram stories always!

Cheers to 2019!


-The Blonde Boss xo

My Inspiration Smorgasboard

I think we all need (me, especially) a little bit of inspiration this week! Some positive energy, good ju-ju and all that jazz!


With the colder months approaching and the stress of holidays, annual reviews, etc. I have compiled a bunch of great quotes and videos for you to check out! Let’s get you out of that funk and sailing toward inspiration station!

Annnndd… if this isn’t enough inspo for you, I got some great videos to check out!

I could post Gary Vee videos all day but I’ll change it up…

This one is huge for me at least because I love staying up late and waking up late (which I need to not do)!

I hope at least one part of this inspiration smorgasboard has given you the motivation you need! I know I has helped my spirits and made me think of ways to be more creative and productive today!

Leave your favorite inspirational quotes in the comments!

-The Blonde Boss xo

3 Udemy Social Media Courses You Should Take If You Are A Biz Owner

"Be Humble, Be Teachable and ALWAYS Keep Learning." 


Every business owner/entrepreneur can relate to this because our jobs consist of continuous learning and growing!  In order to avoid staying stagnant, we must learn and take courses to help broaden our horizons and grow our brands.  This is where websites like Udemy comes in!  Haven't heard of it?? Udemy is a great tool for all industries because it offers a library of different courses from web development to social media marketing, all for a low price (or sometimes FREE!).  


When I first started BBM, I wanted to grow my brand by adding new, exciting services to my menu!  I looked online for a few courses but they were just out of my budget and then I spotted Udemy.  I took a media training course for around $20 and it was chuck full of video tutorials, quizzes and printouts for you to review later! 

So, now that I sound like a instagram model posting an ad for some stupid tummy tea - I am going to give you biz peeps 3 courses you should take on udemy! 

1) Social Media Automation

2) Creating Social Media Graphics That Pop! 

3) Social Media Strategy for Business Owners

And, just because I am feeling nice... I will add in the three ADDITIONAL courses I am taking right now! 


1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Google Analytics

3) Google Adwords

Now you have all the courses available to you to go and FLOURISH! 

Leave your feedback on these courses!!

-The Blonde Boss xo 

Reharnessing Your Passion(s) After Time Away


Ahhh the post-vacation depression - gets me every time!  Loss of focus, loss of energy and sometimes, loss of passion!  Now, I'm not saying we throw everything out the window but it's definitely thrown all over the floor mixed in with my laundry and I have been trying to figure out where to start. 


It doesn't have to be this way though!  Recently, I have been taking steps to get out of my funk and getting back on track.  Some of these steps aren't for everyone but you should be doing something along these lines!

1) Change your creative space

2) Make a passion map with reasons why you love doing what you do

3) Meditate / Workout / Enjoy the outdoors

4) Listen to podcasts or watch videos of inspiring people

5) Make a to do list from smallest to biggest task and conquer the smaller ones first

I know it is easier said than done! But, if you can find 15 minutes within your day to do one of these steps, it will surely make a difference!  Don't allow any negativity or self-doubt get in the way of your goals.  Yes, vacation is over but your life isn't!  Make every day valuable and (maybe not like a vacation) but enjoyable in the best way possible! 


Time to get to work, my friends! 

-The Blonde Boss xo

A Little Gary Vee Inspiration & Why We All Need It This Week

Please watch:


I am an avid follower of Gary Vaynerchuk and all his advice always gets me out of my funk (s)!  These past two weeks have been nuts for me and I complained to my boyfriend, my family, my friends, my co-workers about how bad my last few weeks have been but... I was looking for the negative instead of realizing the positive.  I have so many amazing opportunities at my fingertips right now and I have been a legit negative Nancy.  The WORST!

Can you relate?

We need to put the positive things in our lives to the forefront and let the negatives fade away.  It isn't worth the time, the stress, the distraction... we need to focus on what we HAVE and it definitely isn't all bad. 

How can we refrain from negativity and negative thoughts?

1) Stop negative talk in its tracks

2) Remove ourselves from negative situations

3) Write a list of all the good things going on in our lives

4) Meditate or do something you love that makes you feel good


Alright, now lets put these into action.  I really needed this video today so I hope it helps you feel better too! Time to smash some goals and punch negativity in its ugly face.


-The Blonde Boss xo