2018 Bucket List for Every Social Media Manager

Everyone has their goals for the year but how about your bucket list? The things you REALLY want to do before the year ends.  When you're a social media manager, your bucket list might be a little different but still exciting, nonetheless.  Social media managers are a unique type of creative - we see the world as our oyster and we manifest our innovation through online channels and lots of web inspiration. 

So, all my amazing social media manager friends, here are some must have bucket list items and why they are important to acheive this year!


1) Get Hootsuite Certified

Some of you (over achievers) might have already checked this off your bucket list but if you haven't (cough,cough - me) it's definitely worth looking into.  I have been teaching myself how to use Hootsuite for a few years now but being certified just sounds so much more official. Plus, it looks great on your resume, you can use it as a selling point with clients and once you complete the certification your business gets listed on the Hootsuite website directory as a certified business.  The course usually goes for $199 but some times they have deals up to $100 off.  You can also take their other free courses as well!


2) Social Media Week in NYC

This major event held in the big apple is a must see in 2018! With famous speakers, interactive workshops and more - this is the perfect occasion for tech and media to come together.  You get to meet brands like Facebook, Buzzfeed and Gify! Attending this event will allow you to make valuable connections in and out of your field - plus you'll definitely have some great take-aways! The official 2018 conference schedule comes out January 17th!



3)  Go see Gary Vee Live

Gary Vee has always been someone entrepreneurs look up to! His straight forward, no BS attitude gives all of us a swift kick in the arse and motivates us to achieve big things.  If you don't know who Gary is, he discusses everything from social media to business to passion projects and accepting failure while enjoying the process. Not only will you feel inspired to reach out and grab your dreams but you will have a boat load of information to utilize! Check out his video below!

So, I challenge you to sit down and make a list with all your to-dos this year, no matter how crazy and out there they may be.  Figure out ways to make it happen.  Social media is an ever changing industry and you must give yourself challenges in order to excel in your field.  If that challenge is to gain a better education or to attend important events - do it! You deserve the opportunity to grow within yourself so your business can grow along side. 

What are some of your other bucket list items? Leave yours in the comments!

-The Blonde Boss xo