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My Inspiration Smorgasboard

I think we all need (me, especially) a little bit of inspiration this week! Some positive energy, good ju-ju and all that jazz!


With the colder months approaching and the stress of holidays, annual reviews, etc. I have compiled a bunch of great quotes and videos for you to check out! Let’s get you out of that funk and sailing toward inspiration station!

Annnndd… if this isn’t enough inspo for you, I got some great videos to check out!

I could post Gary Vee videos all day but I’ll change it up…

This one is huge for me at least because I love staying up late and waking up late (which I need to not do)!

I hope at least one part of this inspiration smorgasboard has given you the motivation you need! I know I has helped my spirits and made me think of ways to be more creative and productive today!

Leave your favorite inspirational quotes in the comments!

-The Blonde Boss xo

3 Udemy Social Media Courses You Should Take If You Are A Biz Owner

"Be Humble, Be Teachable and ALWAYS Keep Learning." 


Every business owner/entrepreneur can relate to this because our jobs consist of continuous learning and growing!  In order to avoid staying stagnant, we must learn and take courses to help broaden our horizons and grow our brands.  This is where websites like Udemy comes in!  Haven't heard of it?? Udemy is a great tool for all industries because it offers a library of different courses from web development to social media marketing, all for a low price (or sometimes FREE!).  


When I first started BBM, I wanted to grow my brand by adding new, exciting services to my menu!  I looked online for a few courses but they were just out of my budget and then I spotted Udemy.  I took a media training course for around $20 and it was chuck full of video tutorials, quizzes and printouts for you to review later! 

So, now that I sound like a instagram model posting an ad for some stupid tummy tea - I am going to give you biz peeps 3 courses you should take on udemy! 

1) Social Media Automation

2) Creating Social Media Graphics That Pop! 

3) Social Media Strategy for Business Owners

And, just because I am feeling nice... I will add in the three ADDITIONAL courses I am taking right now! 


1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Google Analytics

3) Google Adwords

Now you have all the courses available to you to go and FLOURISH! 

Leave your feedback on these courses!!

-The Blonde Boss xo 

IGTV: Luxury or Necessity ... and who should be using it!

The social media world is ALWAYS changing and gaining new features for us, social media managers,  to learn and market with!  Currently, the new craze is IGTV and it is bringing some serious YouTube vibes to the popular, visual platform! 

So, what EXACTLY is IGTV? Watch:

Now that you have somewhat of an idea about what IGTV entails lets dive deeper. 

Obviously, IGTV is trying to immolate YouTube by offering channels with long videos which is great since Instagram only allows short videos for stories and I am pretty sure, only 60 seconds for feed videos.  So, with that in mind, is this new feature a luxury or necessity when it comes to business?

...I think it's both!


  • If you want to be able to shoot long videos without going back and forth between Youtube and Insta
  • If you like everything in one channel
  • If you think this will gain new followers and be a new way to show off your content



  • If you aren't a pro at Youtube, IGTV allows you create your own channel with ease

  • If you think Instagram's short videos/stories doesn't allow you to showcase your content to the full extent you want

  • If you want to make it easier and more accessible for all your followers to stay on one channel to view all your content


As you can see, IGTV can be both a luxury and a necessity for businesses. I would definitely suggest playing around with it and making it into a fun way to talk to your audience!

Who should be using this:

1) Vloggers /Bloggers

2) Instagram models / Influencers

3) Businesses without a YouTube Channel

4) Businesses who need more video on their pages

5) Entrepreneurs / Businesses who are involved in a lot of events, community stuff and anything FUN to keep the interest up!


Obviously, other people can use it too but I think these are the main groups who are going to benefit from this feature most! 

Happy exploring!


-The Blonde Boss xo

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting A Business

With a growing population of entrepreneurs and small business owners, you have to find a way to stand out!  Sick of your 9-5 job and ready to be your own boss?  Have an idea but not sure where to start?  Been there, done that.  Being a business owner is NOT for the faint hearted by any means but if you possess the passion and drive, you can make anything happen1


So, with your passion and ideas in alignment... I have put together 5 questions that, I believe, you need to ask yourself before beginning your journey!  They aren't technical or something you need an intense research sesh for.... they're just there to make you think!

Get your thinking cap on!

1) Do you have a business plan?

2)  Can your idea be monetized?

3) Do you have a mentor in the industry?

4) Have you done your research?

5) Will you have a team or will you work alone? 

6) How will you market you idea?


Take these questions, put them on paper, write our your answers.  If any of the answers are 'no' then take another sheet of paper and start making goals of how to change that no to a yes!  Once you have answered all these questions and everything is working in harmony... TAKE ACTION!  Get yourself a planner and make deadlines, goals and strategies to get your idea off the ground! 

Good luck!

-The Blonde Boss xo





3 Inspirational Quotes For Biz Owners to Live By

Inspirational quotes are all over social media these days so which ones resonate with you and your life?  When I see a quote that really makes me say, "oh my god, I needed that," then I know I found something great, something I can take with me for daily inspiration!

I gathered 3 quotes that I wanted to share with you and if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you will definitely appreciate these: 







Write these down, post them on your desk, in your car, make them your background pic on your phone, do whatever you want to make sure these quote stick! 

If you want a daily reminder of inspiration, sign up for Shine daily inspo texts!  I get them every day and they help me organize my thoughts and stay motivated!

Thanks for reading, I hope you're inspired to conquer the world today!


-The Blonde Boss xo