Top 7 Crystals and Zen Practices for Your Workspace

Anddddd….I’m back!

Back with some amazing, mystical information to make your workspace into the zen den that you’ve always dreamt of. I know, work + zen? That doesn’t sound like a thing but I have been using some of these practices in my little cubicle at work and it has helped immensely with good vibes!


What would you say are the top things you want to focus on when it comes to enlightening your workspace? Would it be focus? Determination? Goal setting? Stress and anxiety free? Productivity? Whatever the case may be, you can create a space that will help you get sh*t done but also, blocks the negativity.

I had some inspiration from a recent podcast recommendation from a friend called ‘That’s So Retrograde’ and this wellness focused series really got me into/excited about crystal healing, mindfulness and overall health. I have always been into going to the gym and doing juice detoxes and writing down my goals but this podcast really encouraged me to take it to the next level.


Okay - maybe not ‘Pratt Daddy’ level but you’re picking up what I’m putting down right?

First, I am going to give you the top 4 crystals to decorate your space with (images are below, in order) and then I will dive into 3 important practices to implement during your typical work week.

Top 4 Crystals for your desk/cubicle/etc:

  1. Citrine - this stone represents abundance. It can help harness your creativity and imagination which is great for professionals who need to do a lot of out-of-the-box thinking like marketers, fashion designers or any creative. Also, it’s my favorite color… duh!

  2. Amethyst - this stone has many uses but is also suggested to put beside your bed for relaxation and peaceful vibes. Now, I know you don’t want to be falling asleep at your desk (or do you…) but Amethyst is great for those who work in a fast-paced, stressful environment like a lawyer, a financial advisor or even a teacher.

  3. Moonstone - this stone is perfect for goal-setting. It helps you keep an open mind and allows you to accept inspiration and possibility. Moonstone would be great for those who work in a sales goal setting where you are rewarded for making the most revenue.

  4. Tiger’s Eye - this stone fuels your determination. It helps strengthen your willpower and intention. This stone is great for those in a competitive work setting including athletes but also can work for anyone who is determined to obtain a status or goal.

You have the right crystals to sprinkle around your working area - but we’re not done yet. In order for these crystals to really work to their full power, you need to put the right practices in place.

Top 3 practices to do at your desk:

1) Meditate for 5 minutes - I like to use apps like headspace, put my headphones in and have them guide me through a short meditation. I know it can be hard to block out noise and distractions so if you need to make it 3 minutes instead, that works too! If your desk is not the ideal spot to do this, make a trip to the restroom or go sit in your car. This will help center you and get you ready to tackle your day.

2) Set your intentions for the day - I have always stressed the importance of writing things down. To begin your Monday morning, have a brain dump (list of everything you need to do or are thinking about currently) and then sort it into intentions (how you want to feel, what you want to stop doing and how you will complete each action this week).

3) Practice mindfulness - Recently, I visited a nutritionist and I realized that when I am at my desk at the office I tend to eat more, as opposed to when I am working from home. She gave me a great tip that I think can be used, not just for snacking, but for being on your phone, for taking mini breaks, etc. Set a timer for your tasks and when the time is up, get up and moving. If you’re feeling hungry, set a timer for 5 minutes, drink some water/tea and once the time is up see if you are still hungry. This will make sure you are making more mindful decisions throughout the day.


There you have it, the most magical, mystical, mindful tips to get you centered, aware and ready to kick a*s at work!

BONUS TIP: Invest in a Himalayan Salt Lamp, a sound player (beach vibes all day) or even, if you can get away with it - a essential oil diffuser for your desk. You’re welcome. :)

I hope you enjoyed these - let me know if you have any other cool suggestions to add in the comments! See ya later bosses <3

-The Blonde Boss xo

My Inspiration Smorgasboard

I think we all need (me, especially) a little bit of inspiration this week! Some positive energy, good ju-ju and all that jazz!


With the colder months approaching and the stress of holidays, annual reviews, etc. I have compiled a bunch of great quotes and videos for you to check out! Let’s get you out of that funk and sailing toward inspiration station!

Annnndd… if this isn’t enough inspo for you, I got some great videos to check out!

I could post Gary Vee videos all day but I’ll change it up…

This one is huge for me at least because I love staying up late and waking up late (which I need to not do)!

I hope at least one part of this inspiration smorgasboard has given you the motivation you need! I know I has helped my spirits and made me think of ways to be more creative and productive today!

Leave your favorite inspirational quotes in the comments!

-The Blonde Boss xo

4 Mistakes You Are Making On Social Media for Your Business

No one is perfect, even big, corporate companies make mistakes on social media.  With the online world moving at such a fast pace, and the competition in the business arena heating up, you must stay up to date on new social media features and what works for your industry!


I am always scrolling on social media and seeing what other businesses are doing to market their product/service.  Most times I am impressed and want to immolate what they are doing because it looks effective but other's cringe worthy. 


So, before it happens (unless it already has) for your business, try to avoid these 4 mistakes!

1) Bad visuals*

I see this a lot and it really isn't a good look. Make sure your photos are of good quality and not grainy/blurry/unclear!  Try websites like and Pinterest to find quality, FREE stock photos. You can also take advantage of user generated content

2) Not posting enough

When companies aren't posting as consistently, their audience will take notice.  Make sure you are posting AT LEAST once daily to stay relevant.  Also, utilize FB and Instagram stories as well to keep your page on the top of your customer's minds.  These should be posted at a  minimum, 3 times daily to be effective.

3) Not responding to comments

Nothing is worse than when you ask a question or comment on a brand's page and they never respond.  Make sure you are always on top of comments and replying back in a timely manner, even if you have to delegate that task to a specific person to focus on.

4) Not paying attention to new updates on social media channels

Like I said before, the online world is always changing and at a quick pace.  Make sure you are always reading up on new features.  They aren't always going to work for your brand but at least if you know about them you can try to work them into your strategy. 



Go forth, my business friends! Prosper in all your social media glory (minus these mistakes) and remember me when you hit the big time!

-The Blonde Boss xo

3 Udemy Social Media Courses You Should Take If You Are A Biz Owner

"Be Humble, Be Teachable and ALWAYS Keep Learning." 


Every business owner/entrepreneur can relate to this because our jobs consist of continuous learning and growing!  In order to avoid staying stagnant, we must learn and take courses to help broaden our horizons and grow our brands.  This is where websites like Udemy comes in!  Haven't heard of it?? Udemy is a great tool for all industries because it offers a library of different courses from web development to social media marketing, all for a low price (or sometimes FREE!).  


When I first started BBM, I wanted to grow my brand by adding new, exciting services to my menu!  I looked online for a few courses but they were just out of my budget and then I spotted Udemy.  I took a media training course for around $20 and it was chuck full of video tutorials, quizzes and printouts for you to review later! 

So, now that I sound like a instagram model posting an ad for some stupid tummy tea - I am going to give you biz peeps 3 courses you should take on udemy! 

1) Social Media Automation

2) Creating Social Media Graphics That Pop! 

3) Social Media Strategy for Business Owners

And, just because I am feeling nice... I will add in the three ADDITIONAL courses I am taking right now! 


1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Google Analytics

3) Google Adwords

Now you have all the courses available to you to go and FLOURISH! 

Leave your feedback on these courses!!

-The Blonde Boss xo 

My Big Move to California!


I know right?? I'm nuts. 

It is officially, official - I am moving to San Diego, California in September!  If you know this already, I apologize for my constant ranting and raving but I am just so excited.  I have made it known to all my clients and my part-time job so I can now finally say it out loud!

Since I was in high school, I have wanted to live in California.  I knew I was meant to live there and when I visited San Diego for the first time in 2016, it couldn't feel more like home to me.  I had a few PR agencies that I have always dreamt of working for - now I have the opportunity to apply to them!

So, what are my plans with life, with BBM, with everything? 


Blonde Boss will continue to help current clients remotely but I will be taking on a full time position at a PR  and marketing firm to continue learning and growing!  Although this will be a major change, I am ready to step into something totally new and get back into what I went to school for. 

My Goals for Moving Out West:

1) Refresh and expand my skills in public relations and social media marketing

2) Get involved with new interests groups to meet people

3) Be more present in my every day life

4) Get involved in a charity of some sort and/or volunteer

5) Continue building my current client's pages even from across the country

On September 24th, I will be driving across country with my love, exploring the pit stops along the way! I am so grateful for this opportunity to finally move to my favorite city and I am excited to see where this journey takes me. 


As of now, BBM isn't taking on new clients but looking for project based opportunities to continue learning and helping businesses in NH!  Thank you to everyone who supports BBM and I look forward to sharing a whole new perspective to you all!

-The Blonde Boss xo