birthday goals

Birthday Week - Goals Going Into My 26th Year on Earth!

My 26th birthday is TOMORROW and I am so excited/nervous to see what it has in store for me! I know, I know, 26 isn't THATTTTT old, but to me, it is an age that marks the best and most challenging year of my life.  I am looking forward to new experiences, new struggles and new awakenings!  I have set some small goals for myself going into my 26th year and NOO, these aren't a re-do on my "new years resolutions",  its just a little more specific to my age, where I am at in my life right now and nothing cliche like, losing 10 pounds or cutting back on booze.



Lately, I have been trying so hard to make others happy and to be supportive of others but when it isn't reciprocated, I am the one who struggles. Of course, I think doing nice things for others with no expectation of anything in return is something we should all experience to practice gratitude but not to the point of emotional exhaustion.  I vow to start focusing on myself ; not allowing others expectations and opinions to effect me.  I must not compare my self or my journey to others and remain humble and positive throughout. They call this tunnel vision and I am ready to turn my side blinders on!

2) Stop multi-tasking and start being present

THIS IS HUGEEEEE!  I have a major problem with trying to do everything at once because of the million things I am involved in on a daily basis.  I realized overtime that I do things better when I am present and doing one thing at a time.  Now, this isn't just about work, I want to learn to be present when I am out with friends, family, at the gym and when I am enjoying alone time.  I just want to experience the moment and not allow distractions to take that away from me.

3) Read + Learn More

Maybe this is a little basic but I want to really focus in on my craft and learn as much as I can about it so I can get better at what I do.  On top of that I want to expand my vocabulary, learn more about culture, art, fashion, tech and just keep up with whats going on in the world.  I just want to expand my mind and become more well versed, I think that is so fulfilling. 

4) Take self care more seriously

I usually post self care tips on Fridays for my followers but I don't always practice what I preach.  Sometimes (like now for instance) I'll do a face mask while I am relaxing on my couch but I am still doing work or checking notifications on social media.  I need to learn to unplug and unwind.  I want to start taking time to meditate and go to sleep at an earlier time and eat a well balanced diet that gives me all the energy I need to slay my day.  Sometimes I feel guilty for indulging on such relaxation time but I need to push those thoughts away and enjoy it.

5) Build my empire

Obviously, this is a major goal because not only is this focused towards BBM but my many passion projects surrounding it.  I have so many beautiful, wild, groovy dreams in my mind that I want to bring to life but I just need to take the necessary steps to get there.  I need to network with the right people, do my research and put in the time because I believe this small business can eventually be something so much bigger.  You just wait!


These goals are my birthday gift to my damn self because I want to be successful, I want to be happy and I want to push myself to my limits! You should always set birthday goals for yourself because every year you become wiser and stronger - this gives you the fuel you need to move in the right direction!

So, put your party hats on people and celebrate this gorgeous, fabulous, endless opportunity of a world!  Cheers to 26 years!

-The Blonde Boss xo