Learning has always been something I love to do.  Whether it be learning a new word, learning a new dance or learning a new business skill - I am always DOWN!   I recently found a few resources online that give entrepreneurs a library of courses you can take for next to nothing (and by next to nothing, I mean less than $30 bucks) !! 

I went to school for public relations and I wanted to brush up on some of my skills so I can offer more relevant services to my clients.  I remember working for a firm in Miami and one of our clients was a city within Miami and they had a few incidents where the mayor had to make a media appearance to discuss the issues at hand.  My boss at the time had to meet with the mayor before the interview to do media training so when he was asked some hard questions, he knew the right thing to say.  This was a way of helping avoid any accidents that would ruin their reputation.  

So, what is media training you may ask? 

 Media Training is helping people to understand the media, develop spokesperson skill and the confidence to be effective in interviews with reporters on TV, radio or news stations. (John Millen)



Now that you understand this concept - I have taken a few courses from Udemy to make sure I understand how to train someone to interview with the media considering it has been a while since I have been in college PR classes!  This is a new and exciting service that I will be offering come November 2017 and I am so excited to share with you all! 

Have an interview for a job?  With a local radio station?  A local TV station? A podcast? Email me today and set up your session this fall!  I will help you prepare for these interviews and make sure you are confident and engaging! You will learn about the correct and incorrect mannerisms, eye contact, posture and tone.  When you seem confident about yourself and your brand, it will give you credibility and opportunities will follow! 

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So, step up to the mic (or computer) and reach out to Blonde Boss Media for all your social media and public relations needs! Stay tuned for pricing and updates !

-The Blonde Boss