Let's Talk LinkedIn

57% of companies have a LinkedIn Company Page

Are you part of that 57%?? If you are, why doesn't your company have a LinkedIn page?  Is it because you don't understand it? You don't see the point in it? Or you just don't have time?  Now, I thought all of these things at first and then one day it clicked for me; I am a B2B business so where do I find other businesses? On LinkedIn where they all mingle, discuss and market themselves!

Are you still unsure about LinkedIn for your business?  Need a little convincing? Watch this video explaining it more in depth:

So, now that you have a better understanding on why you should have a LinkedIn page for your business, I am going to give you some awesome tips to help get you started.

1) Make sure your profile is complete

When you create your business profile, fill out all the fields as best as you can.  Make it appealing and not just informational.  Add some personality.  Give your followers something to take away by just reading from your profile. 

2) Join the appropriate groups

There are countless groups on LinkedIn that you can join based on career industry and topics. Joining the right groups to target the correct people is key and if you are very active, your message and name will be more prominent than others.  Do NOT just sign up for groups and market your services, build up your membership in the group and conversate with others about popular topics.  Once you build trust, you can begin suggesting your product or services.

3) Set Goals for Pitching and Postings

Keep your presence consistent by setting goals.  Every day if you want to reach out to 5 types of new clients in one industry and then 5 types of new clients in another, make sure you do that and build those relationships to turn them into business ventures.  For postings, keep your posts personable and informative, put a face behind your brand.  Keep it consistent by posting 1-2 times daily and try not to post anything too personal or not business related.  This will keep your brand in the minds of others as well as build credibility.


Overall, you can use LinkedIn to help grow your business in several ways, but like everything else, you need to work at it.  Watch tutorials, spend some time looking through it and make some great connections, before you know it your business will be filling your client list. 

Blonde Boss Media also helps businesses start and run their LinkedIn pages as well! Contact us to find out more!

-The Blonde Boss xo