6 Tips for Creating an Instagram/Facebook Stories Schedule for your Business

It’s been a while my friends and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be writing again. As you know, I moved to San Diego in September of 2018 and got this RAD new job as a marketing specialist for a graduate university. I have been trying to balance working full time and doing BBM on the side but kind of fell off the wagon a bit. This weekend I had an epiphany - I remembered a quote I saw on Pinterest that said, “Don’t work 9-5 for someone else and go home and not work on your own goals" - this hit me hard. I was working all day and when I got home from work/gym, I was too exhausted to really think about what lights my soul on fire…. So, here I am - trying to catch up! I look forward to more blogging in the future and manifesting it into a paid gig one day! Now, let’s do this.


Facebook and Instagram stories have become a more effective way to market to your short attention span followers. Just posting on your feed is not enough! So, what are the main struggles for business owners when posting stories on a routine basis?

1) Lack of content

2) Lack of resources to create visually appealing stories

3) Lack of a team to pump out consistent stories daily

My advice - stick to the three C’s: Creativity, Consistency, Connectivity. When you implement these factors into your strategy, the lack of a big team and resources won’t be a major issue. As you know, all businesses cannot be marketed the same way, do what is best for you! Start with 2-3 stories a week and build on it from there - once you understand what you want to communicate to your audience, it will get easier to create valuable content.

What that said, here are some great tips on creating stand-out stories on both your Facebook and Instagram business pages:

1) Map out the channels used and your audience on each

2) Provide imagery that POPS!

3) Take advantage of stickers

4) Don’t be too sales-y

5) Tell a story

6) Be consistent


Keep the three C’s in mind when you are creating your schedule for stories. Your followers want content that is relatable, that resonates. that is interactive. that tells a story and that is constantly updated. Easy as that! Still confused on where to start? Contact us to help map out your social media marketing strategy!


-The Blonde Boss xo