How to Use Canva to Make Your Social Media Stand Out

Social media manager doesn't always translate to graphic designer but I like to see myself as a multi-faceted professional who is always down for a challenge.


No, I am no ar-tiste (cue horrible french accent) but I have found a great newbie website that allows you to create awesome content without being an expert with Photoshop. If you follow the BBM social media pages, I always use Canva to create fab images for my blog posts (duh), deals/giveaways or just to add something new to my feeds!

So, what is Canva? Canva is a FREE graphic design tool where you can drag and drop photos, themes, icons and texts to create everything from social media graphics to business cards, flyers, resumes and more!


Yeah, it's pretty awesome. 

How can you make your social media pages stand out with this awesome tool?

1) Use free stock photos from Unsplash, etc. 

2) Use colors that align with your brand in your images and text

3) Use the rule of symmetry

4) Don't use too much text

5) Add your brand stamp (logo, slogan) to claim your work

6) Make it sharable

7) Don't overcrowd photos or make it too busy

8) Tell a story with your images

9) Take advantage of Canva's FREE themes, shapes, icons and illustrations

10) Have a call-to-action on the actual photo so they get the info upfront

Now, here is my challenge to you:

Head to / make an account / open your first blank document / play around with the themes and fonts / find some photos on / create a masterpiece !!

Good luck, friends!

-The Blonde Boss xo