Tips for Social Media Managers When Planning A Vacay


This week has been crazy!  From packing to scheduling content to making sure my last blog is posted (cough, cough, finished this one last minute).  Social media managers know how hard it can be to unplug and unwind on a vacation, especially when social media is used for almost everything! How do you know when to put your phone away and enjoy what's going on around you?  This can be answered simply with... PREPARATION!  


I want to give you 3 quick tips to making sure your social media pages are set and ready to go so you can actually enjoy your vacation!

1) Schedule your SM posts

2) Post Less if Needed 

3) Set aside time 1-3 times during your vacay for engagement 

Sounds like a lot of work but... it doesn't have to be!  Make sure you set aside time a week or so before your trip to schedule content (depending on how many accounts you manage) - this will give you time to post strategically and not rush! If you are really short on time, post less! I know that might sound scary but if you give a little notice to your followers (like I will on Saturday) and just tell them you need some much needed "you time" they'll understand!  Just make sure you at least have something posted during the week to keep yourself relevant (cue the cute vacay photos) !  Lastly, if you have any downtime, try to go on and like/share/comment but put a timer on your phone to limit your work time.  This will help keep your page active without doing too much work!




. Happy vacationing friends! :)

-The Blonde Boss xo