6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting A Business

With a growing population of entrepreneurs and small business owners, you have to find a way to stand out!  Sick of your 9-5 job and ready to be your own boss?  Have an idea but not sure where to start?  Been there, done that.  Being a business owner is NOT for the faint hearted by any means but if you possess the passion and drive, you can make anything happen1


So, with your passion and ideas in alignment... I have put together 5 questions that, I believe, you need to ask yourself before beginning your journey!  They aren't technical or something you need an intense research sesh for.... they're just there to make you think!

Get your thinking cap on!

1) Do you have a business plan?

2)  Can your idea be monetized?

3) Do you have a mentor in the industry?

4) Have you done your research?

5) Will you have a team or will you work alone? 

6) How will you market you idea?


Take these questions, put them on paper, write our your answers.  If any of the answers are 'no' then take another sheet of paper and start making goals of how to change that no to a yes!  Once you have answered all these questions and everything is working in harmony... TAKE ACTION!  Get yourself a planner and make deadlines, goals and strategies to get your idea off the ground! 

Good luck!

-The Blonde Boss xo