New Projects & Manifestations


If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you will resonate with the quote above.  Our businesses are always on our minds and we think of ways to grow it, make it better and make meaningful connections.  I am constantly thinking about BBM and my clients; how I can do my job better, how I can help my clients gain more exposure and how I can create the ideal business I have always wanted.  A lot has been manifesting over the last two weeks and I am so excited to begin cultivating!

First and foremost, the story of my manifestation. When I went to the Treat Mom Expo a couple weeks ago that my client, Out of The Box Tours was hosting, I sat down with one of the vendors, a local psychic, to see what she had to say.  I've NEVER been read by a psychic before so I was intrigued.  She used her tarot cards to tell me about my current and future life which both were abundant in opportunity.  15 minutes and $20 bucks later, I decided I wanted to dive deeper into that spiritual side and see what else I could learn about myself so I booked my appointment with a medium/psychic/energy healer in Manchester that my mother has been raving about! The appointment is next Monday so I will be doing a recap blog on this!


That 15 minutes has opened my mind and heart to taking on some new projects and diving deeper into certain things I have been putting off.  So, with that being said, these are the upcoming projects I have planned:

1) Teaching Social Media/SEO Courses with Cao-Tech - COMING THIS SUMMER

2) Putting together my complete BBM Social Media Content Planner into book form - GOAL BY END OF YEAR

3)  Turning my focus to a niche market like product marketing for beauty and fashion brands - By 2019

I also have some potential clients I am meeting with in the next few weeks in the fashion, lifestyle and health sectors so I am very excited to see which sign on with BBM! 

I wanted to share this with you all because I believe opening yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities is a great way to grow within.  You learn your worth and what you are capable of - its a beautiful thing.  Don't ever limit yourself and never stop learning!!

I look forward to fleshing these projects out and showing you guys the process along the way!

-The Blonde Boss xo