How to Build Relationships on Social Media That Will Help Grow Your Brand

Relationships are those things that most people want but don't know how to find the right ones! No, I'm not talking about single people looking for love on a dating app.  I am talking about business relationships and online connections!


Why are these type of relationships important for the growth of your business? They put a face to your brand, create opportunity and can help gain exposure for your brand, which, in turn, brings customers! 

So, how do you do this?  How do you know which connections are going to help your company reach its goals online and in the non-virtual world? 

1) On Facebook, Join Groups and CONVERSE, don't sell

2) On Twitter, Join Chats and ASK QUESTIONS, don't focus on knowing all the answers, be a student

3) On Instagram, WATCH your audience's habits, questions and interests, COMMENT and REPOST to show you know who your audience is and that you are there to engage and help!

4) On LinkedIn,  JOIN industry and interest groups and POST relevant content on your feed that will raise questions and create answers!



Simple! When you can take the time to really sit down and figure out who your brand is targeting, find them in these communities on social media and then engage, help, relate with those people - you have struck gold, my friend.  Once you become a voice in the social media realm, your ideal customers will follow!

-Blonde Boss xo