Tips to A Successful Social Media Detox

"Sometimes you gotta take a break from the all the noise to appreciate the beauty of silence."



Yes, you heard me right, I am giving you the best tips to take a much needed break from social media!  I love social media as much as the next person (probably more, actually) but we all need to put our phones down sometimes and really live in the moment.  Easier said, then done, I know but it is important for our mental health to unplug and practice mindfulness!

I am giving you a challenge...

With these tips I am about to give you, I want you to unplug AT LEAST once a month to gain some clarity, calm your nerves and boost your creativity!  Look on your calendar for a less busy weekend, fill it with YOUR type of relaxation activities whether it be going to the gym, reading a book or two,  exploring a few local spots with a loved one or just simply doing nothing at all! If you can only do one day, THAT'S FINE!  Do one day, one month and then the next month, try to bump it up to two and so on and so forth!

With your scheduled "YOU TIME" in order, try these tips to unwind, unplug and undo the stress:

1) Turn off all notifications

2) Keep your phone in a place that is out of sight, out of reach

3) Have a friend or family member do the detox with you

4) Make sure you have scheduled (technology free) activities to keep you busy and not wanting to check your phone throughout the detox


I recently met a wonderful woman who is a mindfulness coach in Bedford, NH, her name is Terri and she teaches you to be in the moment, give yourself time to step away from distractions and be in tune with yourself!  Here is her link to her website if you want to check her out.... Apparent Connection !! 

This morning I made myself some coffee, sat outside on my balcony and left my phone inside my apartment while I admired the sun, the trees, the wind, the fresh air, I was practicing mindfulness. And even though, it was literally, only for 10 minutes, it allowed me to clear my head so I could write this awesome blog post for you guys!

Let's take a break from the beautiful chaos that is life and social media, together!

If you have any other helpful tips to a better social media detox, drop them in the comments!


-The Blonde Boss xo