3 Brands That Inspire Creativity for Businesses on Social Media

Social Media Manager is my name, constant scrolling is my game. 



As a borderline social media addict, non-stop scroller, like-aholic,  it isn't difficult finding brands who are doin' the damn thang on social.   I love seeing how they interact with their customers, their innovative ways of communicating through imagery and video and their inspiring tones that make you want to take notes for your own pages!

Now, I understand, most of these brands are larger corporations with a much bigger budget but there are always shortcuts to help immolate their methods on a smaller scale! 

You should always be aware of your competitors and what they are doing (and what is working) on their channels BUT also take some time to check out big players outside of your industry who are making strides from all angles.  

So, these brands I am going to list out have inspired me, creatively, because they align with my values, they don't take themselves too seriously and they aren't ALL about selling.  They find new ways to show their products/services that pop with color and personality! Here are my top three: 

1) Glossier @glossier


What inspires me:  Their images, their retweeting and sharing of follower content and their simplistic but chic videos to showcase their line of products that anyone can relate to. 

How you can copy them:   Use brighter colors, don't focus on selling too much, make content light so your audience can resonate, repost more follower posts! 

2) Wendy's @wendys


What inspires me:  Their punchy tweets, genuine personality, responding to follower comments to keep engagement going.

How you can copy them:   Find your brand personality and stick to it.  Be honest and real with your followers! 

3) ASOS @asos


What inspires me:  Their access to different ASOS accounts for different purposes, the way they show case their products, their responsiveness to their follower comments 

How you can copy them:  Make separate accounts for different departments within your company to make it easier for followers to reach out.  Don't just take a photo of your product and post it, get creative by making it relatable and fun!   Always watch tags and mentions, RESPOND and REPOST when appropriate!   


I hope I prompted you to open your social apps and check out these pages because they are seriously awesome!  What other brands do you consider inspiring?? Leave me some comments!! 

-The Blonde Boss xo