UPDATE: New Clients!

Things have been getting a little crazy lately but I am loving the ride. #punning

Winter has been definitely on the slower side, leaving a lot of room for procrastination and laziness but I am vamped up for spring with some new clients! I am ready to reveal some new projects I am working on and explain my goals for each!


Harley Davidson of Manchester - I will be signed on as an employee of Harley Davidson where I will be managing and creating content for all their social media channels!  Helping them curate the Harley Davidson lifestyle through photo and video communications.  We will work on consistency, engagement + building the community surrounding this iconic brand.  I am beyond excited to learn more about this industry and to help create a wider audience across all age groups and interests.

You can find Manchester Harley Davidson on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!


Hair Loom - My long time hair dresser and family friend, Hair Loom is a hidden gem in Manchester with a personal feel.  I will helping them build an overall online presence and showing off their wonderful beauty services.  I will focus on educating followers about hair health while keeping it fun and eye catching!  Opening these channels up will allow new clients to come in, while keeping regulars coming back!

You can find Hair Loom on:  Facebook and Instagram!


Out of The Box Tours - This fun touring company has become a major player in the Manchester community. With their already established presence, I will be focused on continuing the awesome content on a consistent basis.  I will also want to focus on video content and providing hype for upcoming tours and events! Bringing in all different demographics for all different occasions; social media will be a major factor in getting people excited!

You can find Out of The Box Tours on:  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Now that my secrets are out, I am so excited for you all to see the progress of each company!! I am learning so much and growing in so many aspects of my life and business!  So grateful and blessed for these opportunities. Stay tuned...



-The Blonde Boss xo