5 Steps To Positivity (for personal + business)

"When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine."

As a business owner, learning to be positive is so important.  You must condition yourself to experience the highs and lows without losing your peace of mind.  This can also go for your personal life; your positive mindset will determine how you will find a solution to your problems and how you will move forward. 

With the significance of positivity in mind, I have put together 5 steps to take to begin manifesting your new, positive outlook!

Step #1 : Practice Positive Talk ----> Action:  Find a mantra to repeat to yourself like this one :

"I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness"

Step #2: Do Your Good Deeds ------> Action: Try to do 1 good deed minimum a day no matter how big or small. For example: compliment someone,  help a co-worker with a project, volunteer for a few hours on a weekend

Step #3: Set Time Aside for Self Care -----> Action: Make sure you take care of yourself so you can shine your bright positivity light on others! Go to bed early, meditate, explore the outdoors, take a bath, etc.  More refreshed, happier you = more positivity!

Step #4: Make Productivity a Priority -----> Action: Make a list and set a timer on all your tasks. Once you check some of these to-dos off your list, you will feel accomplished, thus allowing you to appreciate the process and have a more positive perspective on daily duties.

Step #5: Learn and Flourish ----->  Action: Take time to learn and educate yourself on various topics. Whether it's on your industry, international news, astrology, organic cooking - whatever it is, completely take it in with an open mind. Allowing yourself to consume new information gives you endless opportunity to creativity and innovation, which cultivates a significant, positive light to peek into your every day life.


Why did I write about this you may ask?  I have been really in touch with my astrological senses lately and reading up on my sign (Aquarius) and numerology a lot.  This has opened my eyes to happier outcomes and manifesting my most positive mind, soul and emotions in order to get where I'd like to be.  Not only has my horoscope been ON POINT lately, I have learned a lot about myself from the inside, out. (check out The Astro Twins to get your full reading)  My goal is to harness this good energy to achieve my goals and make my life and the people in it centered around this bright light. 

How do you hold on to your positivity?


-The Blonde Boss