Social Media Misconceptions

Social media is such a broad term so it's not uncommon for ideas to be misconstrued.  As a social media marketer, I get a lot of questions from clients, friends and family, most of their questions are just assumptions or misunderstandings that they have created/gathered while learning to use these popular channels.  I want to clear the air and offer some transparency to those who need guidance with their SM pages whether for business or personal use. 

Obviously, there might be some loopholes to some of my points here but for the most part, this is what I go off of when creating and managing my social media pages and it has helped me clarify what my end goals are ultimately. 


1) You have to have a lot of followers to be successful


This is my biggest pet peeve with most of my previous or potential clients, they are too focused on the number.  You DO NOT need to have 10k followers to be a successful business, why?  Because I know companies that have that plus more followers but more than half of those followers do not buy their product or service and do not engage in their brand content.  If you are a small local business that does not have an online service or store, you need to focus on the followers who are local and can visit your location to buy your products.


2) You need to have all social media platforms


I know I have discussed this before but not every business needs ALL social media channels!  If you are a service based company you probably won't use Pinterest or Snapchat as much as a product based company.  If your business is more steady, with little activity going on, you may not need Twitter to constantly update every day, all day.  It all depends on your brand and what you can market without looking too forced.

3) You need to use tons of hashtags


I use about 7-10 hashtags for each post, AT MOST! Sometimes less.  Use Hashtagify to check out the most popular hashtags that relate to your business and make a list of them.  I made a list, typed it into my phone and saved it to my keyboard clipboard so whenever I need to, I can just paste it into the caption.  You can also search the hashtag on social media, it will show you what people are posting and if that tag is even popular.  Chose wisely, be strategic with it and do NOT over do it!

4) The amount you post is the same for everyone


I know you could probably go on Google right now and search, "How many times a day should I post on Instagram"  and a million blogs/articles come up.  No one can tell YOU how many times YOU should be engaging with your customers.  You know your customers, you know their habits and what they like/don't like, YOU need to chose how often you want to post, on which channels, at what times.  This might sound like a lot but you can always test things out and change them as you go.  Trial and error, people!

5) Trends and Engagement aren't important for business pages


A lot of businesses think they can just post and not check their pages until the next day or post - WRONG!  Make sure you are always checking the trending topics, have alerts on your competitors and ALWAYS comment back when people leave love on your pages.  If you don't, your business' credibility may be at stake! I know not ALLLLL of us like to be on social media 24/7 but you must be closely monitoring your pages so you have a faster response rate and people know you aren't just some spam, robot page.


We can now wipe our hands clean of these misconceptions and start fresh!  Open your mind to ignoring the numbers, using the right SM platforms for YOU, researching your hashtags, customizing your SM posting schedule to YOU and being more active on social media!   These tiny tips will allow you to see the bigger picture and really show your business off in your own way, not the way the internet expects you to.  Social media should be enjoyable and a great, free tool to help make your business dreams a reality. 

If you are a business struggling with social media marketing, please contact Blonde Boss Media. We offer customized packages for affordable pricing according to your budget.


-The Blonde Boss xo