Post-Roadtrip Reflection

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who tuned into my Instagram stories to see my travels and put up with my less-posting! You guys are the real MVPs.


This cross-country trip has really opened my eyes to not only the world around me but the opportunities that are at our fingertips. It taught me to stop and appreciate things for what they are, to adapt and to push all my fears out the door.

My top favorite places along our trip were: Denver, CO (The city and Rockies game) and South Bend, IN (mainly because of the hotel we stayed at).

I loved seeing the colorful hills and mountains as well as driving through the curvy valleys. It was also interesting to see the different temperature changes as we traveled through.


My thoughts on my new home (now that I am officially here): I love the people, the beaches and THE FOOD! I have so much more drive and energy since I have moved to SD and I am so excited to explore it some more! I am still currently looking for a full-time position, making BBM a side gig for some additional cash$$ flow! I can’t wait to share this Cali adventure with you all! Don’t forget to message me if you’re ever in town!


Overall, Don’t ever let your hometown or anyone keep you from your dreams because once you take that leap, you can do anything!



Side note: This time change is really messing me up and my internet hasn’t officially been set up yet due to my new apartment not offering the best connection so please bare with me until I get my sh** together!

Thank you for your support bbs!

-The Blonde Boss xo