The Three Most Common Questions I Get Asked As a Social Media Manager

When I decided to start Blonde Boss Media and begin my journey as a social media manager, my family and friends had a lot of questions for me.  "So, what do you do exactly?" , "How do you make money off that?" The list goes on and on. 

I knew going into this that it was always going to be something I would have to explain further for people to understand because social media marketing is such a broad field in the year 2018!  You have your Instagram stars, your social media analysts, your paid social media professionals,  social media funnel specialists, etc. etc.  I have had to narrow down what I am good at, what I like to do and what I need to implement into my business plan so clients can truly comprehend what I do as a social media manager. 

Over the course that BBM has been around, and working with clients of all different industries, there remains THREE major questions that I have always been asked and I want to make sure I answer them in this post for anyone who needs clarity!


Question: "What do you offer as a SMM?"

My Answer:  Blonde Boss Media is a unique agency because for one, it is just me working with several clients on all of their different platforms, I call it a "micro agency".  I work with small businesses who cannot afford a big budget agency to implement their social media efforts.  I offer affordable social media packages according to the clients' needs.  On top of offering those packages, we offer distinct add-on services for business branding and marketing including email blasts/company newsletter creation,  media training, blog writing, press release writing and personal wardrobe styling for business people.  And if you love free SM tools, we offer a FREE social media content planner as well!

Question: "How do you figure out your monthly price?"

My answer:  I am very flexible with my pricing that is why I do not put prices on my website.  I decide my monthly cost on a case-by-case basis depending on what the client requires.  I factor in everything including: amount of pages needed to be managed,  amount of posts every week, if I need to create filler content or not,  if they want in depth engagement, if I will be using any software to schedule their content, the amount of phone data used for different social media apps and lastly, travel time for meetings and if I need to come and take photos for clients' pages.  I am always willing to work with the client's budget because my goal is help small businesses thrive in our local community!

Question: "How do you know what to post, where and how often?"

My answer:  When I sign on a new client, they tend to be very skeptical about social media and aren't sure where to start - that is where I come in. There are so many channels to chose from but I will help you decide which ones make the most sense for your business (no, you DON'T need them all). I look at the client's industry and the big players/competitors to determine how often we should post plus I see how much content we have so it doesn't seem forced. I also see what content is most popular in that specific industry and try to mimic it with the company message in mind.  

So, there you have it folks! I answered the THREE big questions everyone asks me and I think I did a bang up job!  My goal is to help businesses gain the traction they need to be successful and I believe social media marketing is the key to achieving that!  If you have any other burning questions for me, please private message me or leave a comment below!

Until next time...

-The Blonde Boss xo