Programming Your Mind for Success; The Low Down From Carrie Green of The Female Entrepreneur Association

Ladies (and men as well), we all need that virtual mentor and motivator to look up to!  Carrie Green happens to be mine along with a few others!  I am currently reading her book, 'She Means Business' and it has already molded my perception of being an entrepreneur and having the confidence needed to run a successful business. 

Her idea of visualizing your goals to achieve them is something that really struck a cord with me. When you have a goal in mind, you must visualize it and the outcome, really understand the reason why you want to achieve this goal and what it will do for you in the end.  Once you have the vision set in your mind, just go out and do exactly what your idea that you visualized looks like.  Don't hesitate or make excuses - MAKE IT HAPPEN.  You might get that negative voice in your mind or deal with doubting peers/family/friends but it is up to you to push those out! 

Watch this short video for some inspiration today and find out what your purpose is! Enjoy! 

What did you think? Do you have any other virtual mentors that you follow? Any inspirational videos to recommend? Comment with your suggestions! 


-The Blonde Boss xo