The Art of Time Management; Tips for the every day entrepreneur

Time management can be learned from reading helpful articles or books but nothing teaches you more about effectively managing your time than really experiencing it first hand.  There is a lot that goes into being a time management expert but the main focus always will be your motivation to get sh*t done!

So, how can you balance work, friends, significant others, etc. while still remaining successful...and SANE? Follow me on this... 


I know, i know - it's like deja vu when I say this since I have used this tip in several blogs before - but it is so IMPORTANT! Make a list, number the list from 1-5 (or however many items there are on your list) and put 1 as MOST important and 5 being the least important, something that can wait. The first 1-3 items should be your main focus that day to begin or achieve - these might be the projects you are dreading or will take a lot of time but it will feel amazing to tackle these head on and stop procrastination! You can also use a reward system where if you finish these tasks, you can get yourself lunch or a coffee or that lipstick you've been wanting! 


Sounds like a no brainer but it really does help.  I have a Passion Planner and I am obsessed with it because it's not just a normal planner but a goal jotter, a motivator and a fun place to doodle.  I use this to see what time I have in my day.  So, if I have a client meeting at 1:30 pm I will plan to wake up early to get some work done or run some errands before that meeting.  I will allot some time for that meeting and see what I can fit in the second half of my day whether it be hitting up the gym, meeting a friend for a drink or cleaning the office or house. This will help you plan out your time in a meaningful way and will also create a system in your head so you don't take too much time doing tasks throughout the day. 


I recently took a Master Class with SocietyGal and I asked her how she managed her time when it came to scheduling posts for social media.  She told me that you should set aside a certain amount of time for these tasks every day and maybe set an alarm for yourself so you don't go over time and can continue onto the next thing.  For example, if you want to social media engagement for 45 minutes on all your pages, set time aside for that in your day and set your alarm on your phone for that time so when it goes off, you can move on to something else. 


If you have client meetings or need to run errands or finish your work for the day - BE PREPARED! Come with notes to your meetings, main points to focus on and get answers and solutions quickly.  Make a checklist for your errands and any extra notes to get those things done quicker.  Have all your information, paperwork, etc. ready for when you need to finish your work for the day.  And with this, make sure you have an end goal for that specific thing! When you have something to work towards, it makes it easier to meet tasks and complete them in a timely manner.  This is good to jot down in your planner for backup. 

5) MAKE SURE THERE IS FUEL TO YOUR FIRE (mentally and physically) !

When your body is running on empty and you have no motivation, your fire may dull creating lack of drive to achieve your goals.  YOU MUST rest your mind and body sometimes - recharge, if you will, because otherwise, you will burn yourself out.  Take some time for yourself then circle back on what is important and WHY you are doing this in the first place.  Get inspired, read a book, take a walk on a sunny day, eat nutritious food, SLEEP soundly and tell yourself you are a bad a**  and you CAN do it! Time management will only happen if you are totally into what you're doing.  


These are very simple, no-fuss tips that can help you immensely if you put your mind to it.  I know some days are better than others and no one is perfect but in order to make our dreams come true through our businesses, we have to be the queens and kings of time management.  It ties into everything - discipline, self control, awareness and dedication - and these are the things that will make you shine above the rest, like the star that you are. 

Good luck friends. 


-The Blonde Boss xo