BBM Entrepreneur Segment ; David Salvi, Owner of iFlyRestoration

As you all probably know, iFlyRestoration is actually the first client I signed on when I began Blonde Boss Media in January 2017.  David and I meet every month to take photos and go over his social media pages I manage and I really enjoy talking with him and getting his advice on running a business.  His insight has inspired me in many ways and I am so grateful to have him on my client list. So, when I was trying to find someone to interview for this weeks BBM Entrepreneur Segment, I thought he would be a perfect candidate! 


1) Tell us a little bit about your business: 

A) “iFlyRestoration is a mobile device repair company located in Bedford, MA. We repair smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.  We also set up in home offices, hook up wireless printers and scanners.  We can repair most phones onsite inside of our mobile device van.  If you need a new battery, charge port, home button or screen, iFly can usually fix it!” 

2) What is your background and what made you decide to start this business? 

A) “ I sort of fell into this in college, just trying to make a little extra money and eventually a hobby became a business. I decided to start this business because I had the knowledge to repair these devices and you do not need much to start, just specific tools and parts and you’re in business.”

3) What have been your main struggles as a business owner? 

A) “ There haven’t been many struggles but definitely eye opening experiences and added responsibility owning your own business. I took for granted having a pay check handed to me every week with taxes taken out but nothing beats being your own boss. You may have to deal with more but you get the opportunity to handle things the way you want to, not the way someone else wants you to. Also, nothing beats making your own hours but you do have to put hours in if you want to be successful so I guess, working long hours could be considered a struggle.”  

4) What is the hardest service you have to perform? 

A) “ The hardest service is definitely trying to make sure you give every single one of your customers the best service. The repairs aren’t necessarily hard, they can be frustrating because the screws are really small and without the proper tools, it can make a repair go from 15 20 minutes to hours. Water damage is a repair that can also frustrate you. Not because it is difficult but because people have a lot of memories on their phone and when they drop it in water, those memories could be gone forever. When we are able to get a phone turned back on after it is dropped in the water we absolutely make someone’s day. When we can’t we want to keep trying so that that person can have their memories back. Unfortunately, sometimes those memories cannot be recovered and that definitely can be frustrating.” 

5) What is your five year plan for iFlyRestoration?

A) “ In 5 years iFly will be located in more than one state and we’ll have vans repairing devices all over New England. Or I may decide to stay small and continue to service mobile devices and home offices locally. Everyday this business is adapting and technology is changing so in 5 years there may be unbreakable devices, anything is possible. My advice is to take it one day at a time and just take on new challenges as they come. “ 

6) With that said, Any advice for anyone who is starting their own business?

A) “ My advice is make sure you save, save as much money as you can so that if you have a bad week or month you can maintain. Being financially sound just makes things go a lot smoother. Whether you need to buy a tool, repair or replace something, it is always good to be prepared for what may come financially. In this business we have to purchase parts and sometimes those parts do not sell right away but at the end of the month the bills are due, so be sure that you can pay them so that you can continue to stay in business.“


Overall,  if you have a dream - make it your reality! Find out what you’re good at and run with it, you never know what it could turn into! If you are determined and hard working, anything is possible! Take it from David!

Feel free to check out iFly on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages at @iflyrestoration and make your appointment today to get those broken devices fixed ASAP! 

Thanks for reading!


-The Blonde Boss xo