VSCO: Finding Your Theme On Instagram - A Video By Simply Hunter


If you ever used VSCO, this app is key to achieving those flawless photos for Instagram.  I found this video on Youtube by Simply Hunter and it shows you 3 minutes of different themes and how you can create them using this simple tool. 

The themes I mostly identify with are: 

-“Girl Vibes” theme at 0:20

-“LA Vibes” theme at 0:58

-“Elegant and Sweet” theme at 2;09

 -“Pale Aesthetic” theme at 2:54 


I feel so inspired to create some flawless photos this weekend! Not to mention, this video with the background music, really got me into the creative vibe! Which themes are your favorite and what type of photo editing tools do you use? 

Talk to meh! 


-The Blonde Boss xo