Ooh Laa Spa - A little Slice of Relaxation in Manchester ; BBM Entrepreneur Segment

Manchester, New Hampshire is a growing city full of new businesses popping up all over town.  Business owners who are moms, dads, college students and just your average Joe!  I am so excited to begin my new project,“The Blonde Boss Media Entrepreneur Segment” because it is not only bringing back a positive vibe to my beloved hometown but showcasing the talent and dedication of entrepreneurs who reside there.  I will be meeting with several entrepreneurs in New England to discuss their experience, get their advice and understand their brand vision.  

My first local entrepreneur was Lisa Angione, owner of Ooh Laa Spa on 88 Webster Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Lisa specializes in massage therapy and esthetics.  She is dual licensed and is constantly learning new techniques to add to her services menu.  She offers hot stone massage, cupping, prenatal massage, customized facials, and much more! Lisa is also a Justice of The Peace in which she serves wedding ceremonies all over New England.  

She also has an inclusive skin care line that caters to oily, dry, sensitive and mature skin types.  On top of that, Ooh Laa Spa is a Young Living Essential Oils distributor and they carry Biofreeze topical pain relief products.  

Now that you know a little bit more about Ooh Laa Spa,  here are some questions I was able to ask Lisa in my very first Entrepreneur Segment: 

1) What is your favorite thing about being your own boss? 

A: “I like being my own boss because I can set my own schedule according to my lifestyle. If I would like to take on projects, I don’t need to ask for permission, I want to be able to make those decisions on my own. And if I need to help someone in need as far as pricing then I have access to that so that I can maintain my clientele.” 

2) What has been your biggest struggle since starting your business?

A: “My biggest struggle is keeping people coming in for further services, I have used many voucher deals to get people in the door but it seems like everyone is looking for the lowest price, not necessarily quality service. In order for me to remain competitive, I have to continue working with the vouchers to get people to come in but it is very hard for me to stay financially sound.” 

3) What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own business?

A: “i would say definitely get a business plan together. If you are in massage therapy and you need a mentor, I would suggest enrolling in the American Massage Therapy Association and find someone from your state to help you establish your route. i didn’t know there were so many avenues going into this and I was very green in the gills and I needed some help.  This environment allowed me to ask questions and get advice. Also, the Small Business Association is a huge tool for new businesses starting out as well.”

4) What is your favorite social media channel for marketing your business and why? 

A: “Well, I like having a website. I started off with help from my PR person with that and then eventually we revamped and added some social media pages to complement.  I like to work with Facebook on a daily basis and I like the Linkedin aspect as well because you can get a lot of new connections that way. But I also found a new channel called, Alignable and it is similar to a BNI group without the fees.  I met a lot of people around the area and we were able to come up with promotions and work on events together.”

5) What are your goals this year for your business? 

A:  “My goals are to focus solely on this main business because massage is very sporadic over the summer, I have several side jobs within the massage realm. So, I would just like to have my massage practice and maintain a constant clientele. I want to heal people and help people feel their best in order to normally function in their daily lives while making a bit of profit!”  


As I listened to Lisa discuss her goals to help people feel good, it really made me proud to be a business owner because we all strive to make a difference in the world, one way or another.  I love hearing people’s story and connecting on a whole different level because we understand the struggle and triumphs of being a business owner. 


If you would like to be featured on my next “Entrepreneur Segment” please email info@blondebossmedia.com with your information! I would love to hear from you! 


-The Blonde Boss xo