To All My Boss Ladies...

To all those boss ladies out there…. you are an inspiration and I am so grateful for you and how you set the bar for everyone around you! Every day, I aspire to be a better version of myself. Someone who is hardworking, compassionate and resilient!  Always trying to change the world somehow and make it an overall better place, even if it just starts in my hometown.  

I love the business millennials, the hard-working moms, the career driven women, the college grads trying to make a name for themselves and the ladies who devote their time to helping others without expecting anything in return. It’s because of YOU, I am always trying to find ways to make my life more meaningful, not just for myself but for others too.  

I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist but I am madly in love with the idea that women have the opportunity to do something that is so much bigger than themselves.  Something so impactful and beautiful.  To me, my social media business isn’t just about promoting a brand to make money, its about the idea of being a young, millennial business owner who is helping my local economy grow and flourish while creating meaningful relationships with each of my clients.  That means so much to me.  

We get caught up in our own ishh but when I take a step back and remember why I started, these women come to mind. These fabulous, strong, human beings who don’t take no for an answer. This one is for you! 


-Blonde Boss Media xo