How to Bounce Back After Sick Days & Regain Focus

Cold, flu, seasonal allergies?  Your girl had (what felt like, it all at once) this past weekend into midweek.  And the best part is… I’m not out of the woods yet.  Most people would be happy to call out of work and lay in bed all day but not me.  Tossing and turning, coughing up a lung and oh don’t forget about my climbing fever and masculine, scratchy voice.  All I could think about is how much stuff I have to do and when I will get over this damn sickness to check off my to-do list (not to mention, its has been beautiful outside in NH these past few days and I have yet to enjoy it).  

So, now that i am KIND OF feeling better, at least functional,  I am trying to get myself back into the swing of things.  It’s hard to get yourself back to normal after being sick but I have a few tips I keep in my back pocket for when things get a little under the weather. 

1) PRIORITIZE!! -  Make a list of most important to least important tasks and tackle them as efficiently as possible. This will give you a piece of mind. 

2) Take Time For Yourself !! - If you like to workout, go for a walk or just spend time with friends and family; make sure you fit it into your week to completely refresh you.  (just make sure your fully recovered before heading over to that big family party) 

3) Hydrate & Take Your Vitamins!! - So important after being sick for a few days, in fact, I am doing this as we speak!  This will allow your electrolytes to rebalance and energize you.  

4) Catch More zzzz’s !! -  Need I say more? 


These are simple, yet vital steps to getting back to your old self after taking a few sick days off. Everyone needs a day or two off to recover but it’s all about how we redeem ourselves once we come back healthy and refreshed!  Let’s get focused, refueled and motivated! (: 


-The Blonde Boss xo