My Top Favorite Social Media Channels & Why.

My Top Favorite Social Media Channels & Why.

Every social media manager has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to specific platforms.  Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat - we all have a common goal and that is to create valuable content that is consumable. As much as I wish i was fantastic at ALL channels, there are a few that I feel I excel at more than others, and that i enjoy more than anything. 

1) INSTAGRAM:  Visual content has become a major variable in the media world..When you are able to bring video/images to life through lighting, text and colors and tell a story, its powerful.  I love the idea of color schemes and bold text that allows a brand to develop its own personality.  


2) SNAPCHAT:  Instantaneous media has taken over and i love it! When you want it there and now, Snapchat is your go-to.  I am obsessed with how brands and celebrities continously post relevent and exciting content in order to get their name out there.  I love to be able to post pre-created content while incorporating live stories. 


3) LINKEDIN: The business platform! Still trying to master this one but I am intriqued by the sense of community.  I feel like everytime i use LInkedin I end up learning something new. Not just in my own field but in others too! Users seem so driven by the thought of supporting and helping one anoher acheive their goals. 


4) PINTEREST: My all time favorite creative platform! When you’re a company with physical products to market, this is a great avenue.  Create a board, pin relevant photos/videos/articles and share with others!  I am ingulfed in the abudance of items you can pin and all the different boards you can create to fit your style.


Overall, each social media channel has its own persona and purpose. All we can do as social media professionals is to learn, absorb and master our craft through these different applications. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t the best at them all but hone in on your strengths and perfect them.  

What are your favorites?


-The Blonde Boss xo