Millennials in the work force; My beliefs, struggles and realization

According to Google if you are born between the years of 1980 and 1994, you fall in the “Millennial” generation.  What are Millennials best known for?  We are lazy, entitled, and addicted to our electronics.  We lack the hard work ethic and understanding of things that aren’t instantaneous.  We only know how to communicate via texting and through social media; failing to pick up the phone or meet someone face-to-face because we are so sensitive to rejection and embarrassment. Blah, blah, blah. Yada-yada-yada. 

I’m sorry but….THIS IS BS. 

Now, I wont speak for every Millennial, but I think we’re good for more than just selfies and social media fame. These are my BELIEFS: 

1) We have created growth in the economy in a major way - our deep understanding of technology provides an advantage in their job field, allowing businesses to excel to the next level. I personally know several millennials that own their own thriving business just by utilizing social media channels. 

2) We are GREAT at multi-tasking and getting a plethora of tasks done in a short amount of time - this is what makes us great business owners, we are able to complete tasks more efficiently while providing quality work. I am always multi-tasking between my full time job and Blonde Boss, which helps me work on time management and to set goals/priorities. 

3) We are goal oriented, focused on bettering ourselves in many aspects of our lives - some may call us selfish and self-centered but we call it motivated. In this society, it is every man (or woman) for themselves so we focus in on how we can make OURSELVES better and what goals we need to achieve to do so. Whether it’s at work or in the gym…. the goal is to succeed no matter what. 

These have been my STRUGGLES: 

I graduated college in 2014 and since then have been in and out of different jobs. I always had an issue with being the person who thought outside of the work model bubble. I wanted to help bring new ideas and tools to the tired tasks given but I have always been told those things were a waste of time or not matching with what the company “has always done”.  People have remained close-minded to new way of doing things in this evolving world, giving the younger generations limitations on their creativity and ability to grow within a company by showing their employer their capabilities.  

This is why I started Blonde Boss Media. And my REALIZATION is this: 

We can only allow the previous generations to see what we are capable of and teach them what we know.  They may be uncertain about change but if we help them understand why we do things the way we do, they may appreciate us more.  But (if I play devils advocate for a minute)… we Millennials need to step up to the plate and set a better example for Gen Z (1996-2010).  So work/study hard, respect one another and ourselves but most importantly… keep that motivation, that drive that makes US millennials so awesome.  


- The Blonde Boss xo