How Every #BossLady Should Dress For Success

Fashion is a revolving door that constantly brings in and fades out trends.  No matter what the current style is, business attire is always a must have in every #bosslady ‘s wardrobe.  Whether you are meeting up with a mentor, colleague or attending a major presentation, you want to look the part.  

When I tried out for sports in middle school and high school, my father always stressed the importance of wearing the appropriate attire to make a good impression while giving yourself a leg up against the competition.  

I am going to list a few basic and statement pieces you should have in your closet for your next big meeting: 

Basic Pieces - 

1) Slacks or dress pants

2) Closed toe shoes

3) Pencil skirt or dress (knee length or below, with a modest neckline) 


Statement Pieces - 

1) Blazer (in strong, neutral colors - nothing too flashy or distracting) 

2) Handbag / Purse (neutral colors, organized and neat) 

3) Accessories like reading glasses or gold/silver jewelry (less is more, not flashy or distracting) 


For most of you professionals out there, this may be a no brainer but I believe the way we present ourselves will ultimately open doors and create opportunity.  Each meeting, job interview or professional event can differ when it comes to your outfit but I wanted to give you the basics.  The rest is up to you! 


-The Blonde Boss xo