Utilizing Your Vacation to Create Awesome Content

In honor of my pre-birthday vacation to South Florida, I have put together a little list on how to keep your content going even when laying on the beach! 

1) Always Be Snapping Photos of Everything - Take pictures of buildings, people, scenery, events, etc.  Your followers will love to see your travels. Use cool angles and lighting to spice it up a bit! 

2) Research Events Happening in the Area & Attend - I searched the internet for pool parties, concerts and community events to check out the local scene.  Act as if you are an entertainment reporter and take tons of snapchats, videos and cool candids. 

3) Turn Off Your Devices to Recharge Your Batteries - Sometimes you need to unplug and unwind from the stress in the world. Take some time to yourself to brainstorm and think about your next moves.  This will help your productivity sky rocket when you get back from vacation.