Day in The Life of a Social Media Professional


1) Wakeup and check all your social media notifications while sipping on your latte. 
2) Check on scheduled posts for the day and confirm times and content are relevant depending on the trends.
3) Watch / read the news , check out the trends and like / comment on your followers content on your newsfeed. 


 1) Follow a few people in your suggested list and other professionals / organizations. 

2) Check out competitions’ pages and see what they’re posting. Also, follow the people who like their content.

 3) Use your repost app to copy / share follower created content. 

4) Snap cool shots of your work space, a visually appealing meal or drink , festive decor and more !

Night : 

 1) Make sure all posts are ready for tomorrow 

 2) Surf your newsfeed for a bit: liking, commenting and following people all while laying in bed.

 3) Get some beauty sleep for tomorrow’s new adventure ! 


 What is a day in the life for you? Please share and comment !

-The Blonde Boss xo