3 Things I’ve Learned from the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant

i have competed in beauty pageants since I was 16 years old and every year when the National and International competitions come around, I am over the moon excited to tune in.  I am obsessed with the glam, poise and girl power that is pageantry. Although the choices for top 6 and then top 3 came a shock to some of us, I believe the top women were recognized.  

So what did I learn from this exciting event?  Let me break it down for you and how they can relate to life/business, maybe you had the same revelations I did.  

1) People will never be satisfied - You may think you’re doing great things for yourself, your business and others but SOMEONE will always have something negative to say. For example, Miss Universe Canada was criticized on social media for gaining a little weight for the 2017 competition.  Not only did she clap back with some beautiful, self-loving photos on her pages to shush the haters, she was chosen for TOP 9 in the competition! You’re always going to have haters but that doesn’t mean you need to stop doing what you love. Use their criticism as motivation, a way to push yourself to the next level.  You’ll be happy you did. 


2)  Being an active member in your community is SO MUCH MORE valuable then just being a pretty-faced sideliner. -  These women who compete in these national and international competitions don’t just get there by having a beautiful smile and rocking body, they devote their time to helping others in many ways.  Whether you are a dentist, retail worker, nurse or social media guru, get out there and make a difference in your community in one way or another. Donate, support your local charity, volunteer at a soup kitchen, etc. You never know what opportunities it may bring, not to mention you’ll feel great about it! 


3) Learn how to take defeat and come back even stronger! - Many women left Miss Universe empty handed and frustrated with the loss.  Some will go home, sulk and promise to be finished with competing but others will take their losses as sign to train harder and come back again to win the crown.  Don’t be the weak link; when you fail or something goes wrong, give it another go.  The only way you will ever succeed in life is to analyze why things went wrong, correct it and try again! The most successful people have failed several times but have always had the drive to pull themselves out of that pity hole and start again. You can too! 


To most, this may just be a beauty pageant, a popularity contest but to me it is unbelievably empowering and teaches you a lot about life.  This girl power is manifested within when we believe in ourselves and don’t let anything or anyone stand in our way. Be strong, Be Kind and Be Determined! 


-The Blonde Boss xo