NEW Entrepreneur Segment: Becky Dupere of Massage by Becky

Finding the right massage therapist that caters to your personal needs is sometimes a challenge but I have been very fortunate to meet some amazing professionals right in my local area!  Becky Dupere is a friend of mine who is a wonderful, licensed massage therapist in Manchester, NH,  where she specializes in all types of massage techniques.  She calls her massage room the "zen den" which has always resonated in my mind because it sounds so peaceful.  


Doesn't look like a mini relaxation paradise?? 

I was able to snag a quick interview with the busy young lady to learn more about her "zen den" and the services she offers to her clients: 

1) Tell us a little bit about your business

A: "My name is Becky and my business is Massage by Becky, massage therapy.  I have been in business by myself for about 7 years. I started with travel massage and then did some in-home massage as well before I finally rented a business space in downtown Manchester on Elm Street this past year - so it has been 1 year in my own studio!" 

2) Why did you decide to get into massage therapy?

A: " I always liked getting massages myself, I always liked helping people and going to conventional college was not something I was interested in so I decided to do massage because it was a quick program (not easy by any means) but I was able to get into the workforce at a sooner time." 

3) Which one of your services do you suggest to your clients and future clients to try? 

A: "I recommend my customized massage because it is personalized to the clients needs. So, ultimately, just the one hour massage with whatever the client would want focused on to help them feel better!" 

4) What are your business goals for 2018? 

A: "The goals for the new year would definitely be to get up to speed with advertising my business.  Getting my website and Facebook page set up because I haven't done that yet, it has all been word of mouth. So, just focusing on marketing my business using those online platforms is the most important." 

5) As a millennial business owner, what is your advice to other young entrepreneurs? 

A: "I would say don't get discouraged, start small and manageable and then grow to your level of comfort. It doesn't have to be a big, blow out business, it can be what works best for you and what you are comfortable with according to what you can handle." 

 6) How can someone set up an appointment with you?

A: "They can call or text me on my cell phone, (603) 275.4589!  Someday I will have social media pages and my website up but for right now, the phone is the best way to reach me!" 


So, there you have it folks! Massage by Becky is great for those who want an intimate setting that offers customized services for all their relaxation needs!  I love meeting with these talented entrepreneurs who have a vision in mind to not only make themselves better to make the customer experience better as well! So excited to see what the next year holds - who knows, maybe a collab will be brewing in 2018! 

Make your appointments with Becky today!! 


- The Blonde Boss xo