Focus on Reinventing Yourself Instead of Setting New Years "Resolutions"

It's almost that time, the time for the unobtainable, unlikely goals to be set for the new year by your friends, by your parents, and yes, by YOU!  We have these expectations of ourselves to meet these unrealistic tasks or else our year is wasted and worthless.  I just don't agree with that.  Whether you are trying to get in better shape, get that dream job or just be a happier person, you cannot view it as an end goal but something you must live and embrace as is.  It won't be a perfect process but it is yours and the fact that you want to change yourself for the better is a wonderful thing. 

So, how can you change your resolutions into eternal intentions?



1) Don't give yourself time limits

When you give yourself restrictions you won't be able to enjoy the entire process of reaching that goal.  Allow yourself time to develop a plan, set small steps towards the target and learn so much along the way.  Who knows? You might find something new that you never thought of before!

2) Set goals that make sense

You probably won't be a millionaire by 2019 or look more like Gigi Hadid so why not reevaluate what is important and OBTAINABLE! Maybe you want to take on a new hobby, read 100 books in a year, visit that city you've been really wanting to go - whatever it is, don't put so much pressure on the big goals, just the smaller more enjoyable ones.  Make a list and check them off as you go, it will make you feel more accomplished. 

3) Allow Yourself to Create Multiple Goals Throughout the year, not just on the 1st of the Year

Yes, you can create SEVERAL goals for yourself.  If that goal to lose 15 lbs by summer isn't working out, don't beat yourself up, set more goals!  You have plenty of time to reset yourself and start over with new ideas of what you want to do to make yourself better. Write down 30 goals, small or large, and try to tackle as many as you can. 


Overall, don't let the "New Year, New Me" phase take over your 2018.  It is great to have aspirations but when you don't reach them, it's not the end of the world.  It just means the universe is telling you to step back, rework and execute your goals on your OWN time!

Happy holidays everyone, I hope you make it a great!


-The Blonde Boss xo