Founder/Creative Director of Pine and Bars Co., Michael Browning

I know, I know, it has been a while since my last BBM Entrepreneur Segment but I am so excited to introduce to you my next entrepreneur/interviewee.  I am so in love with the idea of the entrepreneur lifestyle and all the struggle, triumphs and life lessons that come with it.  This segment reminds me why I do what I do and every time I speak to a passionate business owner it really puts everything into perspective.

In a busy, downtown Manchester bar, I met with Mike Browning of Pine and Bars Co.  We discussed everything from the importance of social media to new, exciting ventures!  I have known Mike for a long time and we have always shared that strong entrepreneurial spirit.



1) So, Pine and Bars Co.? Tell me more!

A:  " Pine & Bars Co., digital marketing and design company, was founded in Concord where we specialize in web design, paid social media, branding, content marketing, and marketing strategy. We strive to provide value and grow brands by creating effective connections with them and their audiences." 

2) Who or what is your inspiration?

A:  "As an entrepreneur at heart, I have always resonated with Gary Vaynerchuk. He’s a leader in the digital marketing industry and he shares the same mentality that anyone can be a success, no matter where they come from or where they’re located. In just over 5 short years we’ve managed to build an agency that competes with big name companies in every major city. If you work hard enough, you can achieve anything."

3) At the 5 year mark, where would you like to be?

A: "In 5 years I hope to see Pine & Bars at the level of success in which I can take more time to mentor young marketing professionals. I think whats lacking in our industry is people willing to help and guide others in finding their own success."

4) Any new projects or announcements?

A: "The last two years have been an amazing growth period for our company. From partnering with L’Oreal Paris on a Snapchat campaign to working with a small restaurant start up in our hometown, we truly value every client and treat them as equals. We have recently begun working with some amazing brands who are leading their industries, and can't wait to be at a point where we can announce them. We have brought on a few great partners like Derek Thomson and Hannah Greenwood, and look forward to their contribution to our brand."                                              (yeah, that's me ^)

5) What is your advice to up and coming entrepreneurs?

A: "Success only comes to those who work for it. Even if your given opportunity, you still have to execute. Don’t be afraid to take chances. I heard a great quote recently, “on the other side of fear are all the best things in life”. Take chances, that’s where success is found."


This interview was not only inspiring but very informative because with the experience Mike has, he sees the business world from a unique angle that will forever shape my outlook.  He always has stressed the idea of hard work and innovation through learning new skills and valuable networking.  It doesn't matter what industry you are in, if you put in the time, you can be successful. 

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-The Blonde Boss xo