NEW! BBM Social Media Content Planner

Did you hear? Blonde Boss Media has created a social media content planner that is FREE to all! I have been wanting to create a tool that helps busy business owners with their social media marketing so.... I finally did it!  When I made this planner, I really took into account the issues I had with planning my content and what would of made my process simpler. 

So, with that said, please check it out by clicking the link below to view the BBM social media content planner!

A Printable PDF and separated by day - I focused on dividing the channels into their own boxes and typed in how many times you should post for each platform with blank space besides them to write in your post name/idea.  I also put a list of post ideas at the bottom of each page to to give examples and help keep your creative juices flowing. 

This may be the beginning to a new project and I cannot wait to add my personal touch! Blonde Boss Media wants to be more than just a social media manager but a one-stop-shop for all your social media needs!

Have any suggestions?  Please feel free to message me with your critiques - this planner is in the early stages and I want to keep improving it. 

-The Blonde Boss xo