How to Celebrate Small Business Saturday by Shopping Local!

Blonde Boss Media has a strong mission that supports all small businesses, of all industries.

 "The strength of our community is no more than the local businesses that are behind it. In this ever changing society, we must use the tools available to support and build these establishments. Blonde Boss Media is dedicated to being a guide, a resource for emerging businesses in NH."

To celebrate these wonderful small businesses and give them the recognition they deserve, Small Business Saturday was created!  I posted the other day on my pages to encourage local businesses to send me their Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals so I could feature them on my blog but I didn't get any response. I was wondering why no one responded but then it hit me... small businesses shouldn't have to hold deals to get recognized! They don't need to sell themselves short just to get those one-time, sale obsessed, customers that won't add value (money or other) to their business.  

Although, my realizations made me rethink this blog, I was able to find a list of deals from local businesses on the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce website so please go check that out by clicking the button below! 


Instead of taking that dreaded trip to the mall, head to any of these places to find some awesome deals! Why? Because shopping local helps our local economy, thus securing more jobs and developing our cities' culture! Not convinced, check out this article from Forbes to find out more! 

I am not just promoting this day because BBM is a small business but because I have met some AMAZING/BADASS/COOL AF entrepreneurs that deserve to be shown off.  Their work ethic is out of this world and they are so kind to anyone and everyone they meet because that is what it takes to be a leader.  They don't step on anyone to get to where they need to be, they work day in and day out and are so passionate about their job - it's like its not even work to them, its a way of life.  Here are some of my favorite small businesses that you need to check out: 

-Bellman Jewelers

-Cafe Reine


-Kriss Cosmetics 

-True Peak Crossfit

-North Main Music

-Metamorphosis Media

-Telephone Systems Efficiency

-Ooh Laa Spa

-Be Day Spa

- The Birch on Elm

-Fish Mike Aquatics

- Waterworks Cafe 

- Kristin Hardwick Photography

- Pine and Bars Co. 

-Southern Clothing Co. 

And there are so many more that I just cannot even remember! It is up to you to explore them!

Also, watch for my Cyber Monday deal next week! Business owners who need help with social media marketing - I'm your girl! Currently taking on new clients for winter 2017 into 2018!! 


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

(or in your city hehe)

Mahatma Gandhi


Happy shopping folks! 

-The Blonde Boss xo