5 Affordable Holiday Gifts for Entrepreneurs

I really hate to be that person already thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving but lets be honest here, it's coming quick!  I realize it's super difficult to shop for people who pretty much have everything and if they don't they buy it for themselves eventually - I have a few of those! So here is my mini gift guide for those who are entrepreneurs and business owners:

1) Industry Books / Motivational Books


Every entrepreneur loves to find ways to make themselves better.  If you can get them a book that inspires them and teaches them new skills, they will appreciate your support to continue their dream.  Paper form is always better in my opinion but some may like the eBook version (which is cheaper!)

2)  Entrepreneur Subscription Box


These are so cool! There are a variety of boxes to choose from depending on what you like and honestly, this has it all.  This box pictured is called Sparkle, Hustle, Grow - you can purchase it as a gift to someone or just pay for 3 months worth.  It's a cool way to get a few different items it one cute box!

3)  Creative Journal or Passion Planner


I have a Passion Planner & the Girl Boss Journal and I love them both.  This is great for those creative entrepreneurs who need a place to plan their thoughts and ideas on paper.  These are inexpensive and super fun.  It's not just a normal planner - it has you set monthly goals, daily focuses, gives you to-do list space, blank space for thoughts, review of the month and more! If you don't want to do either of those journals I listed above, there are definitely other options to choose from.

4) Anything Personalized or Monogrammed


When you take the time to get something personalized to your gift-ee, it shows you put in effort.  If your friend owns a photography studio, get a mug or maybe a camera bag that has their company name on it or the persons name and title!  Any entrepreneur would love this idea because it makes them look official and its just pretty awesome.

5) The basic gift card



Convenient? Yes. Personal? Not really.  When you're shopping for your sister's husband or someone who you have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to get them, gift cards are always a go-to. Here are a few places you could consider:

-Staples/Office Depot

-Walmart / Target

-Home Goods

-Best Buy

- Gas Card

- Dunkins / Starbucks

- Any Department Store

We all know entrepreneurs are in need of resources, LOTS of coffee and sometimes work clothes! This will always be a huge help to anyone who owns a business.  Unless, you are established, extra spends is always a plus.


Some of these may be basic, common sense,  easy way out items but coming from an entrepreneur, these all would be awesome gifts.  When you take the time to recognize my business (aka my child), that means so much more than getting an expensive, materialistic gift from your grandparents that you'll probably use a handful of times.  Put thought back into gift-giving and make someone light up - because we know that is one of the best parts of the holidays!

Did I miss anything? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

-The Blonde Boss xo