Focus On Your Target (Audience, that is)

Have you started a new business? Trying to get your name out there and gain clientele? Have you determined your target market, aka the people you want to sell your products or services to?  If you said no to the last question, this post is for you!

When deciding on what demographic you want to focus on here are a few things to consider:

  1. Location is Everything

  2. Interests/Hobbies

  3. Age Groups / Male or Female

  4. B2B or B2C

We will now go more in depth for each of these and how, once you determine each, it will ultimately help your business in the long run. 

Location - Decide what areas you want to focus on. If you just want to focus on your city where you are located or a region or major cities in the U.S. - make sure you are following and engaging with people in those locations.  For example: If you want to focus on big cities in the U.S. - search hashtags and locations on social media to find the right people to follow.  Like #LA or #NYC.

Interests and Hobbies -  When trying to expand your customer base, you need to find people who share interests that align with your brand's vision.  For example, if you own a yoga studio then you will want to search hashtags like #yogi and #fitness.  You can also search other yoga studios in your area and follow/engage with some of the people who follow them. Show the customer, through your content, why they should chose your business over your competition.

Age Group and Sex -  This should be a no-brainer when deciding on your audience. If you are a company that sells fidget spinners, your target won't be women in their 50's - it probably would be tweens and teens both male and female.  Find out who would benefit from your service or product the most.

B2B OR B2C -  If you don't know what these are:  B2B = Business to Business and B2C = Business to Consumer.  Blonde Boss Media is a B2B where we focus on providing our services to other businesses.  If you sell makeup products, you usually are a B2C because you sell to the consumer.  This will help narrow your search for new customers when you classify which category your business falls into.

With these points in mind, you can create paid ads on social media where these categories can be altered depending on who you are trying to reach.  Make sure you input all the locations if you have multiple, the age range, male or female and DON'T FORGET to add tags that relate to hobbies and interests to attract the right people to your page. 

CHALLENGE TIME! i challenge you right now to write down your target audience and 5 ideas on how to reach them on social media. Comment your ideas below! GOOD LUCK!

-The Blonde Boss xo